Damavand 5000 Shelter

Damavand 5000 Shelter
Contrary to what its name suggests, the Damavand 5000 Shelter is actually built at a height of 4626 meters above sea level! Among all Damavand Camps, the huts and shelters along the various pathways leading to Damavand peak, the 5000-Shelter (lat: 35.9681°, lon: 52.1147°) is the highest refuge. This shelter is located about 600 meters higher than the Damavand 4000-Shelter on the northern face. Both shelters are very similar to one another. 15-20 climbers can stay at the top refuge (also known as Jan-Panah 5000). It has two complete levels and is just like the Jan-Panah 4000 in terms of functionality and suitability.

Damavand 5000 Shelter Mount Damavand North Face
Damavand 5000 Shelter
Mount Damavand North Face

However, only the top floor of the Damavand 5000 camp has a wooden floor, and that floor is only around 1.8 meters high. Additionally, there is no good stairway to go up, and it should be remembered that getting to the upper floor is not at all simple, especially for shorter persons, and that assistance from others is required. Around Jan-Panah 5,000 shelter, there are falt areas where you can spread out less than 10 tents. There are various types of texts, graffiti, logos, signage, and adverts inside the 5000 North of Damavand shelter. The vandalism in the mountains seems to never end! Visit also Climbing Mount Damavand Iran.

Damavand 5000 Shelter Mount Damavand North Face
Damavand 5000 Shelter
Mount Damavand North Face

Transportation & Mule
From the settlement of Nandel Village, you can drive via 4WD off-road vehicle on a gravel road or on foot to reach the Big Stone (Lat: 36.0119°, Lon: 52.1205°). Mules can carry backpacks to 4000-Shelter (Jan Panah 4000), however due to inflation, the cost for each backpack (measured in tomans) varies every year. Gosfandsara (sheepfold), which lies about three kilometers before the Big Rock and where water may be drawn, is the last water source along Damavand’s northern path. Of course, depending on the circumstances, it might be able to gather water from the glacier and the summit of 5000-Shelter (Jan-Panah 5000).

How Long Does It Take to Climb Damavand North Face?
A- Big Stone to Damavand 4000 Shelter takes about 4-5 hours.
B- 4000-Shelter to Damavand 5000-Shelter takes about 3 hours.
C- 5000-Shelter to Damavand Summit takes about 5-6 hours.

Damavand 4000 Shelter Coordinates
Latitude: 35.978263°
Longitude: 52.111278°
Altitude: 3,996 m

Damavand 5000-Shelter
lat: 35.968129°  
lon: 52.114709°
alt: 4624 m

Big Stone
Damavand north face summer basecamp, camping & tenting area and the starting point.
Big Stone Coordinates

Latitude: 36.011929°
Longitude: 52.120590°
Altitude: 2,920 m

Nandal Village
Nandal Village mountaineers’ Camp is a local house.
Latitude: 36.030330°
Longitude: 52.174072°
Altitude: 2,350 m

Damavand North Face Route Damavand climbing guide
Damavand North Route Map
Mount Damavand Climbing Guide

First-time Climb of Damavand
Leading a team to climb Damavand north face can be rather difficult if the majority of the members are climbing it for the first time. The task of climbing from the northern path is even more difficult for such a team than it is to climb to Damavand alone. Usually, the initial ascent of Damavand is advised on the south face because it is simpler and has more amenities. Around a week prior to the climb’s start, planning and coordination should start, and you should do your best to rely on the knowledge of both familiar and new comers. The program must be successful in order for the climber’ efforts, who had already completed multiple successful ascents.

Damavand 5000 Shelter Mount Damavand North Route Map
Damavand 5000 Shelter
Mount Damavand North Route Map

How to Climb the North Face of Damavand?
For the better acclimatization, your team might spend the first night at an elevation of 3000 meters in the Nandel plain. In order to trek to Damavand 5000 Shelter (Janpanah 5000) the following day and to sleep more comfortably at an elevation of 4600 meters, your team may choose to spend the night here. Although the area appears to be a sheepfold, there is neither water or flocks of sheep.

There are two ridges, east and west, that can be taken to reach Damavand 4000 Shelter (Jan-Panah 4000). We prefer the west ridge since, despite being farther away than the east ridge, it has less steep. Naturally, these two ridges are joined together close to shelter. The valley between the two ridges is also where the west ridge path starts. Generally it takes 4-5 hours to hike from the starting point, Big Rock, to the first shelter (4000-Shelter).

A little above 4000 Shelter and the below 5000 Shelter, where the way is entirely rocky and there is no clear path, are the two places along the southeast-facing path from 4000 Shelter to 5000 Shelter where the path between the rocks is not particularly clear. At the terminus of the Do-Bissel Glacier, the route connecting the two shelters traverses a sizable valley. One of the highlights of the walk are the stunning stones beneath shelter 5000. It takes about 3 hours of mountaineering to go from the first shelter (4000-Shelter)to the second shelter (5000-Shelter).

Following 5000 shelter, the ascent to the peak is difficult. Although there is a distinct footpath (pakub) on this trail overall, it is only present in two places because of the stone bed. It is preferable to take the correct path from the right or left side of the stone walls to worship the stone components, depending on how far the glacier has advanced along the ridge.

These stone walls range in height from 4 to 6 meters, but occasionally you can discover a way around them with a little time and caution. The glacier cannot be passed through. After the battle with the rock, the path is clearly marked and continues to the peak, where it is, of course, in the shape of scree (sand ski). Due to the blowing of the sulphurous wind, which is unique to the southern front, it reaches to the northern ridge about two to three hours before the summit and makes it more difficult to breathe at the altitude.

The last few steps below the peak are always wonderful and terrible at the same time. You should be prepared for passing through permanent glaciers while climbing Damavand’s northern face. The soul soars while the body is sluggish. It takes about 5-6 hours to climb from the second shelter (Janpanah 5000) to the Damavand (crater) north face summit.

The initial ascent and the amazing delight of climbing after many hours of teamwork. The plain and Lar lake may be well viewed from the peak. That vista is unmistakably of the western front of the Damavand volcano. The sulfur explosion of sulfur hill gets stronger every year, and it can be felt all the way up to the north of Damavand Peak.

Route to Damavand North Climbing up Mount Damavand from the North Face
Route to Damavand North
Climbing up Mount Damavand from the North Face

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