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Iran National Jewels Museum
Iran has a museum called The Treasury of National Jewels (Persian: خزانه جواهرات ملی). After being hidden from view for several years, it was reopened to the public in 1992. It serves as the legal keeper of the Iranian National Jewels and is associated with the Central Bank of Iran. The collection became so expensive in the 1930s that it was used as a reserve for Iranian currency. It is now regarded as one of the most famous collections of diamonds and other jewels in the entire world. Financial Tribune states that “it would not be able to value the collection.”

Iranian National Jewels Museum The World's Most Beautiful Jewels Museum
Iranian National Jewels Museum The World’s Most Beautiful Jewels Museum

Iranian National Jewels Museum
Iranian national treasures Originally, the Iranian Crown Jewels (Persian: جواهرات سلطنتی ایران) were composed of countless aigrettes, a dozen jeweled swords and shields, magnificent crowns, and thirty tiaras.

The Persian kings from the 16th century (Safavid Persia) and onwards collected or wore various items, including unset precious gems, numerous plates and other dining services cast in precious metals and encrusted with gems, and several other more unusual items (such as a large golden globe with the oceans made of emeralds). The Treasury of National Jewels, housed inside the Central Bank of Iran on Ferdowsi Avenue in Tehran, is where the collection is kept.

The World’s Most Beautiful Jewels Museum
The most priceless diamonds ever accumulated globally are included in the priceless Iran Treasury of the National Jewels, which is open to the general public.
Every item in this collection is a result of the creativity and artistic talent of the locals and a representation of the difficult past of this amazing nation. Each piece recalls memories of bittersweet victories and defeats, as well as the arrogance and haughtiness of strong or ineffective dictators.

The unparalleled Treasury of the National Jewels Museum, owned by the Central Bank of Iran and accessible through its front doors, is a collection of the most priceless gems in the world amassed over centuries. Frequently referred to as the “Jewels Museum,” it is a must-see attraction while in the Iranian capital.

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