Mount Damavand Iran

Damavand Mountain, Iran
Iran is home of numerous beautiful mountains suitable for hiking trekking and climbing. Damavand is a photogenic figure of the country that is covered in snow in winter and stands at 5,670m, much higher than anything around it. Mount Damavand is the highest peak in Iran and the highest volcano in all Asia. This giant volcano is situated in the central part of the Alborz Mountain Range, 80 Km north-east of capital Tehran. Mt. Damavand is the most prominent feature of Iran looming majestically near the southern coast of the Caspian Sea.

Mount Damavand highest peak in Iran and the highest volcano in all Asia. Nicknamed as the roof of Iran.
Mount Damavand Iran
The highest volcano in Asia

The white summit of Damavand with its regular cloud caps is one of the most stunning sight of Persia, as is the Fujiyama in Japan. Mt Damawand is encircled by many good-looking peaks of the Alburz Chain such as Mount Doberar. Alam-Kuh, an amazing high peak in Takhte Soleyman (Takht-e Suleyman) Massif, and the admirable Dena Mountain are among the most famous Iranian hiking trekking and climbing trails.

Standing at 18,600 feet above sea level, Mount Damavand is the most notable mountain peak in Iran and nicknamed as the roof of Iran or top-of-Persia. Mt Damawand is located between capital city Tehran and Amol city in Mazandaran Province, midway on the Haraz Road. A small and beautiful town called Damavand City is situated about 20 Km from the mountain and is much used as a summer resort by the people of Tehran.

Damavand Mountain in Iran in the middle of the Alborz Mountain Range
Damavand Mountain
Located in the middle of the Alborz Mountains

Interesting Facts about Mount Damavand Iran

  • The most popular side for trekking Mt Damavand is the south route.
  • One of the best starting points for hiking Damavand is the Polour complex which was built by the Iran Mount Climbing Federation.
  • On the south route of Damavand mountain there is a frozen waterfall (or icefall) called Abshar Yakhi. This icy fall it is about 12 m tall and located at the elevation of 5100 masl, it is the highest fall in Iran.
  • There is a small glacier in the Damavand volcano crater which is accumulated with snow and ice, generally frozen during the year.
  • Due to freezing temperature at the Damavand summit there is little chance to see water in the Damavand glacier on the summit crater, but in a hot summer it could melt and form a small pool.
  • Just below Damavand crater there are few famous glaciers such as Yakhar, Sioleh and Dobi Sel.
  • The north face has an extra shelter at 5000m.
  • Ascent to the Mt Damavand summit is technically easy but physically a challenging hike, the main challenge of the climbing is acclimatization and the weather.
  • Damavand (5670 m) is the highest mountain of Iran and one of the easiest 5000 m mountains in the world in summer season.

Trekking Mount Damavand Iran
Damavand is one of the most easy accessible 5000-meter peaks in the world.
Explore your next big adventure in Iran with our Damavand Mountaineering Guides. Trekking to the “Roof of Iran” is certainly one of the most memorable and unique experiences you will have on the trip. Not only will you feel unparalleled success, but also you will get the most respect among most mountaineers you meet, which may be even more satisfying.
The suggested Damawand Mountain trekking and climbing season is between June and September. In winter it is recommended only for experienced climbers. Damavand has 16 trekking routes with different difficulties.

Ascent to the Mt Damavand summit is technically easy but physically a challenging hike, the main challenge of climbing is acclimatization. If Damavand Weather Forecast is good enough, the ideal tour package to reach Damavand Peak takes about four to five days. Because you have to do acclimatization and adaptation climbs to prevent altitude sickness, it means to go higher than campsites, then return back to get used to the altitude. However, strong and physically fit climber may be able to reach the summit only in two days. There are shelters, camps, huts along the way. The easiest route to reach the summit is hiking from the southern face. With two camps in the middle at 4220 and 4250 meters.

Mount Damavand South Route Hiking Trekking and Climbing Maps
Damavand Mountain South Route Trekking Map

Mount Damavand Routes
Although Damavand is the highest volcano in Asia but it is one of the non-technical 5000 m mountains in the world. The most affordable summit above 5000m, all around the world! Mount Damavand is a well-shaped volcano. Due to its conical shape it is possible to climb it from many sides. There are about 16 known mountaineering routes to the peak with different difficulties. Some climbing routes are very difficult and require rock climbing techniques. But 4 trekking routes are well-known because there are good shelters or suitable campsites midway. Some routes are suitable for more experienced climbers with access to technical equipment. On the other hand, a route such as the Yakhar Valley on north-east side, which is home to one of the largest glaciers, is the hardest to climb. While the western route is famous for its stunning sunset views. One of the non-technical hike and the easiest route to reach the Damavand summit is hiking from the southern flank.

Damavand Mountain Iran.
Damavand Cloud Cap
Photo by Ardeshir Soltani
Mount Damavand Iran
Mount Damavand Best Trekking Guide | Damavand Info Mount Damavand boasts that it is highest volcano and considered to be one of the ‘Volcanic Seven Summits’ and although there are no recorded. Mount Damavand Climbing Guide. All you need to know about Damavand climbing. Mount Damavand Facts. Mount Damavand interesting Facts. Mount Damavand is one of the most iconic places in Iran. That is not just for the challenge of climbing Damavand. Damavand peak. Mount Damavand is technically described as being a strato-volcano meaning that it is built up from layers of volcanic rock. Mount Damavand Map. Mount Damavand Route. Mount Damavand ski resort guide, ski lift and resort information, trail maps and piste maps, current snow conditions, snow history and resort reviews. Mount Damavand Ski Resort Guide› resorts › Damavand. Mount Damavand Tehran, Iran. Mount Damavand Tours, Climb Damavand, Hiking Damavand Iran, Ski Tours in Iran – Ski Damavand – Mount Damavand Climbing Tours – Damavand Expeditions. Mount Damavand Track. Mount Damavand Trekking Tours – Iran – Adventures› mount-damavand-tehran.

Mount Damavand Ultimate Guide – Facts & Info Updated › mount-damavand. Mount Damāvand, Damāvand also spelled Demavend, Persian Qolleh-ye Damāvand, extinct volcanic peak of the Elburz Mountains in northern Iran. Mount Damavand Road. Damavand, Iran Travelling information. Mount Damavand, the symbol of the greatness and glory of Persia. It arose from the ancient culture of Iran and the majestic mountain of Iran. Mount Damavand. Mount Damavand. Stratovolcano in Iran. Mount Damavand is Asia’s highest volcano and a popular challenge for mountaineers. Mount Damavand: The highest peak in Iran and the Middle East.Mountain type: Stratovolcano. Mt Damavand is located 70 km NE of Tehran and 70 km south of the Caspian Sea. It is the second highest volcano in Asia. The highest volcano in Asia. Mt Damavand is the highest peak in the Middle East. Mt Damavand volcano in Iran is the highest peak in the Middle East at 5670m high. It is located to the North East of Tehran and south of the Caspian Sea. Mt. Damavand, Iran – NASA Earth Observatory. Overview. A dormant volcano with a narrow summit. Mount Damavand Facts & Figures. Location Alborz Mountains, Iran. Height 5671. The earliest recorded ascent of Damavand was made. Parent peak: Mount Elbrus. Mount Damavand, Iran. Mount Damavand Facts & Statics. Damavand Mountain Guides are a team of most experienced Iranian mountaineers who offer mountain guiding support for hiking trekking, climbing and ski touring.

Peak Type: Volcano. Photo Courtesy of IRAN Mountain Climbing Tours Damavand volcano towers dramatically 50 km to the NE above Iran’s capital city of Tehran. Price of Damavand climbing expedition includes: Services of professional mountain guides (additional guides on the summit day). All transfers mentioned in the page. Tehran Damavand Mountain. Tehran Damavand, Iran. Mount Damāvand is the 12th most prominent peak in the world and the second most prominent in Asia after Mount Everest. Tehran Damavand. Tehran Mount Damavand. Tehran Volcano Damavand. Tehran. What does Damavand mean in English? The mountain of many faces. Mount Damavand has always been the center of many tales, and even its name has its share of mystery. To increase our chances of reaching the summit of Mt Damavand, itinerary allowed time for acclimatization. Trekking Mount Damavand in Iran: Facts & Information. Trip report and feedback Damavand, Iran. Visible from Tehran, Mt Damavand is an important symbol for the Iranian people. It features heavily in Persian poetry and literature. What happens if Damavand erupts? Why is Mount Damavand important? Images for damavand. Weather Forecast (5670m) › peaks › forecasts. Mount Damavand, Tehran. Mount Damavand Facts & Information. This is one of the most popular climbing mountains in Iran. Damavand Height in Feet. Damavand Mountain (Mazandaran Province) – Trip Mazandaran Province. Damavand Mountain 5610m altitude … Hiking the highest mountain of Iran with 5610m altitude with wild and stunning nature surrounding it.
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