Emamzadeh Hashem

Emamzadeh Hashem Complex Site
At 2,700 meter above sea level Emamzadeh Hashem (Haraz) complex site has a fine lodging to accommodate and acclimatize before you start trekking Mount Damavand 5670 masl from the traditional south or the west route of Damavand. Especially when Camp 1 Polour is crowded. It is only 14 minutes’ drive (about 12 Km) from the first campsite!

Emamzadeh Hashem Paragliding & Hang Gliding Site - Damavand Tour
Emamzadeh Hashem (Haraz) Complex Site
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While technically simple, hiking Damavand in the summer season requires a challenging trek. Acclimatization is the primary difficulty of climbing Mount Damavand and the fact that as you ascend and go higher, there is less oxygen in the atmosphere. Therefore, it is essential to have a proper acclimatization in order to maximize your chances of success, reduce the risk of AMS, and enjoy a safe climb to the Damavand peak.

Emamzadeh Hashem Hotel (hotel/hostel called Zaer-Sara) with 16 rooms
Emamzadeh Hashem Haraz Hotel
(hotel – hostel – Zaer-Sara) – Damavand Tour

Iran’s Mazandaran province contains the Emamzadeh Hashem or Imamzade Hashim  (Farsi: امامزاده هاشم) Shrine in the Bala Larijan District of Amol County. On the route from Tehran to Amol, the shrine is situated on Haraz Road. The Imam-Zadeh site is almost at the summit of a mountain called Imam Zadeh Hashem pass. It is the highest point of Haraz Road, and is situated at a height of around 2,700 m. In actuality, this is the finest rest area for weary pilgrims and visitors. Visit also Imamzadeh Hashem paragliding and hang gliding site.

Emamzadeh Hashem Site
Emamzadeh Hashem Haraz Site – Damavand Tour

When putting together a Damavand mountaineering schedule, the majority of individuals don’t consider visiting pilgrimage sites! However, there is a place of worship on Haraz Road that is both a place of worship and the best location for lodging and acclimatization before climbing Iran’s Mount Damavand! Imamzadeh Hashem is the name of this location, and while you may be familiar with its hostel and hotel called Zaer-Sara, you may not have slept there. In the winter, this location is a haven for vacationers, and in the summer, it is a relaxing getaway.

Emamzadeh Hashem to Camp 1 Polour road map
Emamzadeh Hashem to Camp 1 Polour road map
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Imam-Zadeh Hashim Location
On the Haraz Road, 60 kilometers (37 mile) northeast of Tehran, Emamzadeh Hashem at about 2750 m (9,000 ft.) is a mausoleum. It is situated above the Imamzadeh Hashem pass. At the base of this pass is Dasht Masha.

Emamzadeh Hashem Coordinates
Latitude: 35.7790° N
Longitude: 52.0382° E

Important Note: There are two places called Emamzadeh Hashem! The first Emamzadeh Hashem (Haraz) is located in Mazandaran province on the Haraz road and the second Emamzadeh Hashem (Rasht) is located in Gilan province near the city of Rasht. In this topic we are discussing about the first one.

Emamzadeh Hashem Shops
Emamzadeh Hashem Shops
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Emamzadeh Hashem Weather Forecast
Hence its air is consistently a little chilly compared to other regions. You will notice the change in temperature here, especially if you visit in the summer.
If you visit during the months of November and December, you’ll see a stunningly snow-covered environment. Of course, remember to pack warm clothing because you will undoubtedly become cold.

Once you feel better, purchase a cup of tea or a bowl of soup and apply it to your body! The Emamzadeh Hashem weather is slightly colder than Camp 1 Polour weather. Due to its unique location in various seasons it has a foggy weather.

Imamzadeh Hashim Old Image
Imamzadeh Hashim Old Image

Imam Zadeh Hashim Facilities
For visitors passing through, the Imamzadeh Hashem complex offers good amenities, including a restaurant, a supermarket, a pilgrimage center (hotel/hostel called Zaer-Sara) with 16 rooms, 1000 meters of open parking, an emergency department, a marketplace, a bakery, roadside assistance, and telephones. See also Imamzadeh Hashem paragliding site.

Iran's Paragliding & Hang Gliding Site - Emamzadeh Hashem
Iran’s Paragliding & Hang Gliding Site – Emamzadeh Hashem
Imamzadeh Hashem paragliding and hang gliding site

Additionally, there are several restaurants and businesses in the open area in front of the mausoleum’s northern side, and on the other side of the street are the Imamzadeh cemetery, the pilgrimage building, and telecommunications. There is a location for the tomb’s staff members and managers behind Imamzadeh, as well as a room used as a butcher.

Emamzadeh Hashem Old Photo
Emamzadeh Hashem Old Photo

Access Route
You must enter Haraz Road if you are traveling from Tehran to Imamzadeh Hashem. You will arrive at the tunnel about 15 kilometers after Abali town. It is impossible to miss the Imamzadeh Hashem complex with its enormous golden dome when you emerge from the tunnel because it is situated precisely on your left.

Emamzadeh Hashem Tunnel
Emamzadeh Hashem Tunnel
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Find out more about Imamzadeh Hashim
On the way Tehran to Amol on the Haraz road, there is a place called holy shrine Imamzadeh Hashem. It is situated 60 kilometers northwest of Tehran. While it is true that this location is quite close to Tehran, Mazandaran and Amol City see it as one of their most important pilgrimage sites.

The golden dome of Imamzadeh can be seen from a distance when you approach the area if you are traveling from Tehran towards the province of Mazandaran. It is situated in the famed Imamzadeh Hashem Road area. He is one of the sons of Imam Hassan Mojtaba. Emamzadeh (also spelled as Imamzadeh), means son of Emam (or son of Imam).

Emamzadeh Hashem Holy Shrine
Emamzadeh Hashem Holy Shrine

Learn more about Imamzadeh Hashim
Imamzadeh Hashem’s architecture is basic but lovely The main structure is a plain stone building with no particularly noteworthy architectural features, but due to its location on one of Iran’s busiest routes, it is constantly congested with travelers. The Imamzadeh Hashem structure was constructed in the most straightforward manner possible using materials like stone, plaster, lime, and mortar.

This structure has two domes: the outer dome, which is constructed of stone and has a conical shape and two long minarets, and the inner dome, which is made of the same material and has a circular shape. In mountain architecture, particularly in the Damavand region, the cone-shaped dome is frequently observed. An example of this is Imamzade Abdullah in Damavand City.

Emamzadeh Hashem Holy Shrine
Emamzadeh Hashem Holy Shrine

The main building was built during the Safavid era. Imamzadeh was constructed with two stone ties tied together during the reign of Shah Abbas I, and it was afterwards renovated and rebuilt. For the benefit of pilgrims and visitors, numerous components have been added to the main structure in the contemporary era, transforming it into a comprehensive complex. The mirroring, tiling, dome, and goldsmith of the architectural decorations of this religious place dates back to the Safavid era.

Emamzadeh Hashem Holy Shrine
Emamzadeh Hashem Holy Shrine

Everything you should know before traveling
Imamzadeh’s north side, which faces the courtyard, has a portico with seven straightforward arches. Two of the building’s four entrances are utilized by men, while the other two by women. The main entrance, which is just for men, is situated directly next to the highway. There is no dome space in this building; instead, you enter the shrine space after passing through an arched space.

Emamzadeh Hashem Tunnel
Emamzadeh Hashem Tunnel

The tomb’s interior features a lovely mirror. Naturally, it took almost 8 years to complete the mirror job. Two inlays are present on the north and south sides of the interior, which gives the room a unique appearance. The four-sided, golden shrine is embellished with Quranic passages written inscribed within frames made of enamel. There is a 200-year-old Quran on the tombstone and inside the shrine.

Of course, the tombstone within Imamzadeh Hashem was not present at first; it was added following the reconstruction. We look forward to your experiences in visiting this national monument. In the south of the lovely landscapes of the Masha plain and in the north of the mountains west of Damavand are eye-catching.

Emamzadeh Hashem Tunnel
Emamzadeh Hashem Tunnel

Walking, Night walking, Photography, Damavand acclimatization, Accomodation.

Hotel, Information desk, drinking water, restroom, parking, mobile reception, internet access, green space, and prayer room.

Nearby Places
Imam-Zadeh Hashim paragliding and hang gliding site about 500-meter away.
Read more in Imamzadeh Hashem paragliding and hang gliding site.

Important Hints
There is always frost and significant snowfall on the roads in the colder months of the year!

Travelling Gear
Mobile , Cash , Bank Card , Slippers, Glasses, Sun hats , Backpack , Power Bank , Vehicle Fuel , See weather forecast.

Visiting Emamzadeh Hashem holy shrine is free of charge.

Registration number 617 on March 14, 1967, in the National Monuments List of Iran

Emamzadeh Hashem Holy Shrine
Emamzadeh Hashem Shrine
Photos by Ardeshir Soltani
(Old Photos unknown from internet)

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