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Mount Tochal Ski Tour Guide
One of Iran’s most well-known ski areas is Tochal Ski Resort in northern Tehran, which is also the closest ski resort to the country’s capital and a favorite among skiers who just take day trips. Additionally, Iran highest ski touring zone, Damavand ski resort is nearby. One of the longest gondola lifts in the world, the tele-cabin at Tochal resort is nearly 7.5 kilometers long.

Mount Tochal Ski Tour Guide Mount Tochal Ski Resort Tehran, Iran
Mount Tochal Ski Tour Guide
Mount Tochal Ski Resort Tehran, Iran

From the first station of Tochal Telecabin to the last station, the gondola lift (car cable) ride takes roughly 50-60 minutes. It is the perfect location for skiing, snowboarding daily tours, and other winter sports. The highest point of the piste is found right below the summit of Mount Tochal, 3960 meters high. Tehran is connected to the ski resort and the Tochal TeleCabin Hotel close to Mt. Tochal Peak by a gondola lift that is a part of the Tochal Complex. Several summits are accessible from the Tochal main ridge or via other climbing routes. Read more in Damavand Camp.

Tochal Ski Tour
Incoming foreign ski lovers who intend to challenge a Damavand ski mountaineering, the greatest place for training and acclimatization is Tochal ski resort. In the early days of your program and after arriving in Tehran, you can have Tochal ski tour. Mt. Tochal ski touring is the finest program for acclimatization and exercise before trying Damavand ski touring, a very nice plan to get used to Iran’s ski environment quickly by Tochal ski guide.

Two chairlifts and a T-bar are available at the resort.  Tochal ski resort is located at Tele-Cabin station 7, while stations 5 and 7 both have two restaurants. There are seven stops total along the telecabin ski route. At the resort’s base, at a height of 3550 meters, there is a lovely hotel called Tochal Hotel, with 30 rooms and suites. The season often begins in November and lasts until April or possibly May, depending on the weather and amount of snowfall.

Mount Tochal Ski Tour Guide Mount Tochal Ski Resort Tehran, Iran
Mt. Tochal Ski Touring Guide
Mt. Tochal Ski Resort Tehran

Mount Tochal peak is reached by a 7.5 km long gondola lift (tele-cabin line), one of the longest cable cars in the world. From the base, Tochal tele-cabin first station, to the last station, called the 7th station of Touchal Tele-Cabin line, the car cable takes around an hour. Throughout the ski season, the lift is operational. Gondola lifts (tele-cabins) often only operate on Iranian weekends (Thursday/Friday) throughout the summer. Visit also mount Tochal ski resort weather forecast.

Even those who are not interested in trekking Tochal have come to love this mountain, thanks to the gondola lift and the ski resort (Tochal Ski Resort). The first station of the gondola lift, (known as Istgah yek in Persian), is located at an elevation of 1900 meters, and it ascends to a height of 3680 meters at the seventh station. One of the longest lifts in Iran is this gondola. Anyone can use the lift to ascend to a height of about 3600 meters, where they can take in the clean air and breathtaking scenery. Even some hikers shorten their ascent by using a portion of this gondola lift’s path.

Best Ski Area
The late 1970s saw the completion of an 8 Km long gondola line (Telecabin) that runs from a position at an elevation of 1900 m to a point on the peak of the mountain at 3700 m. It was allegedly the longest gondola line in the world at the time. Around the main ski line, there are many ski lifts.

a couple over the slopes that face south near the Gondola’s fifth station (2930 m), and two or three over the slopes that face north near the summit station, where a hotel has also been constructed (the higher ski lift goes up to around 3900 m in elevation). According to reports, the top station’s ski season lasts until June (for more information go to Despite its promise, the Tochal ski region has not yet reached its full potential and cannot compete with the 60 km away Shemshak ski resort and Dizin ski resort, which are significantly bigger and more well-known.

Mount Tochal Ski Tour Guide Mount Tochal Ski Resort Tehran, Iran
Tochal Mountain Ski Tour Guide
Tochal Mountain Ski Resort, Iran

Tochal Complex
Tochal Complex consists of many recreational and sports facilities located in Velenjak, north of Tehran such as Tochal Telecabin (gondola lift) & Tochal Ski Resort.

Tele cabin Tochal (gondola lift)
One of the longest gondola lift lines in the world is the Tochal Telecabin gondola lift, which has a length of 7,5 km. The Telecabin Tochal gondola lift construction started in 1974 and opened to the public in 1978. It starts at 1900 meters above sea level in the Velenjak Valley, north of Tehran, and ends at the last station, which is situated at 3750 meters above sea level close to Mount Tochal’s main ridge. The gondola lift provides access to ski resorts and other recreational areas on the mountain. Thanks to the lines’ improved safety requirements, both families and athletes can enjoy the ride and other amenities.

Four stations make up the Tochal gondola lift:
Station 1: at 1900 meters above sea level, it is situated at the entrance to the Velenjak Valley (end of Velenjak Street). There is access to parking, lodging, and a few other amenities.
Station 2: is located at 2400 meters and has very few amenities.
Station 5: has a restaurant and a rescue center and is located at 2935 meters. The station, which is open only in the middle of winter and is rarely used, is situated in the middle of one of the ski runs. A number of climbing routes, including Shirpala Shelter, Osoon Valley, and Palang-chal Shelter, also lead to it. Here you need to transfer to get to Station 7.
Station 7: is located at 3740 meters and is fairly near to the mount Tochal main ridge. It is the center of the Tochal ski slope and the last gondola station. It takes an hour to trek to the main peak of Tochal. Additionally, Station 5’s Hezar-cham Climbing Path leads to this station.

Tochal Ski Guide
One of Tehran’s most well-liked leisure areas is the Tochal Ski Resort. Station 7 is where the main ski slopes are located. This slope descends to the hotel from the base of Tochal (3850 m) (at 3550 m). The 1200 m-long slope is quite appropriate. Skiers can be transferred using a teleski and a Doppelmayr chairlift. Like the Alvares Ski Resort in Sabalan, Azarbaijan, Iran, the slopes of Station 7 are covered with snow for more than five months out of the year due to their height (more than 3,500 m above sea level).

This slope is located on the Tochal Mountain’s western foothill. The ski slope is 900 meters long, 3,750 meters high at its highest point, and 3550 meters high at its lowest point, the Tochal Hotel. This slope has a Poma chairlift for skiers.

Mount Tochal Ski Tour Guide Mount Tochal Ski Resort Tehran, Iran
Tochal Ski Touring Guide
Tochal Ski Area Tehran, Iran

Tochal Hotel
A hotel is located at the base of the ski area at near Tochal summit. It is situated near the ski resort’s base at a height of roughly 3500 masl. Just below the Tochal peak, there are just 30 rooms and suites at this modest hotel. Do not count on utilizing this accommodation in other seasons as it is only open during the ski season and may not be accessible during other hiking seasons. It takes roughly an hour to reach the hotel by gondola lift, and weather permitting. Nearly 30 rooms, a restaurant, amusement options, a coffee shop, and other amenities are available at the hotel. Read more about Tochal Hotel.

Facts and Statistics
Tochal Ski Season
Mount Tochal ski season is from December to April. But in a good snowfall it may start in November and last to early June.

Quick Facts Mt Tochal Ski Resort
Mt Tochal 7th Station Ski Piste.
The piste base is located at 3,550 meters above sea level.
The top of the resort is at 3,850m.
Slope length is about 1,200 meters.
Vertical Drop 300m.
This resort is the 5th highest ski resort in the world 3850m.

Mt Tochal Gondola Lift
One of the longest in the world (7,500 m).
First station altitude is 1,600 m.
Fifth station altitude is 2,950 m.
Seventh station is at 3,750m.
Total gondola lift length is 7,500m.
Vertical climb 1,840 m.
There are 3 ski runs which are connected together.
The total length of the ski route is about 6 Km.
It has a huge vertical climb of 1840m and reaches a height of 3750m.
The major stations are, first, second, fifth and the seventh station.
Was built in 1978.

Mount Tochal Summit Shelter - Mount Tochal Climbing Tour Guide Mount Tochal and Mount Damavand winter view from Tochal summit
Mount Tochal Summit Shelter – Mount Tochal Climbing Tour Guide Mount Tochal and Mount Damavand winter view from Tochal summit

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