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Iran Hang Gliding and Paragliding
Iran’s Paragliding & Hang Gliding Site – Emamzadeh Hashem
One of the most well-known Iran’s paragliding and hang gliding sites is in the Emamzadeh Hashem complex site very close to Mount Damavand near capital city Tehran.

Emamzadeh Hashem Paragliding Site
Iran's Paragliding & Hang Gliding Site
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Emamzadeh Hashem Paragliding Site
Iran’s Paragliding & Hang Gliding Site
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Emamzadeh Hashem Paragliding & Hang Gliding Site
Imamzadeh Hashem is one of the first paragliding and hang gliding flight zones in Iran which is located on the Haraz road between Tehran and Amol city . For taking off from this location it has a good wall and a steep drop toward Mosha plain. The number of landing areas for paraglider pilots in Masha plain at this paragliding site has significantly decreased as a result of the massive villa buildings. Visit Damavand Camp.

Iran Hang Gliding and Paragliding Site
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Iran Hang Gliding and Paragliding Site
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Site’s Technical Specifications
Long-haul flights are caused by the high winds and excellent reach that are typically present at this Iran’s paragliding site in the Imamzadeh Hashem paragliding and hang gliding location. For a successful paragliding flight in this region middle of Tehran and Mazandaran Provinces, make careful to research the Weather Forecast and wind speed before visiting this area. Beginner students should not attempt to fly on this site without the supervision of a qualified instructor.

Emamzadeh Hashem Paragliding & Hang Gliding Site - Damavand Tour
Emamzadeh Hashem Paragliding & Hang Gliding Site
by Damavand Tour

Booking paragliding tickets for tandem (dual) flights at Imam Hashem’s website recreational flights are not regularly operated at this location; you must be scheduled in advance and require at least 5 applicants. Make your reservation if you have 5 or more persons in order to receive exclusive treatment and have a relaxing paragliding flight there. The entire booking process will be completed online. Book and purchase your ticket to get going right away. We are glad to induce you the dream of soaring over a stunning landscape. See also Damavand Iran.

Emamzadeh Hashem Paragliding & Hang Gliding Site Road Map - Damavand Tour
Emamzadeh Hashem Paragliding & Hang Gliding Site
Road Map by Damavand Tour

Paragliding’s address and location at the Emamzadeh Hashem site
On the Amol Road, Imamzadeh Hashem is situated 65 kilometers from Tehran and is reachable by car in about one and a half hour from Tehran. The position of the take-off spot is next to the antenna pole and behind the Red Crescent Building. The road next to the Red Crescent offers access to this spot. Read more in Emamzadeh Hashem complex site.

How to get there
The top of the site can be reached with a 10-minute hike starting even in mid-November owing to snowfall. Visit Damavand Tour Guide.

Driving by Personal Cars to the Paragliding Site
With the exception of a very small portion, the whole route is asphalt road. Any kind of car can get you to this spot.

Address: Imamzadeh Hashem, 65 kilometers from Haraz Road, behind the guesthouse, after the Imamzadeh Hashem tunnel.

Emamzadeh Hashem Paragliding & Hang Gliding Site - Damavand Tour
Emamzadeh Hashem Paragliding & Hang Gliding Site
by Damavand Tour

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Tehran Paragliding Flight Site at Imamzadeh Hashem
Many paragliding sports lovers choose The Imamzadeh Hashem paragliding flight site as their first sites to fly. It is one of the well-known sites close to Tehran. After going through Ab-Ali on the Haraz road, arrive at a ridge known as Imamzadeh Hashem pass. Most seasoned pilots like to fly from Hashem’s paragliding launch place. For pilots who want to practice long-haul flights, the Imamzadeh to antenna route is ideal. Paragliding is a dangerous recreational sport that is also competitive. When flying, the pilot utilizes a paraglider, which is basically a fly with the wind or follow the wind, and enjoys qualities like lightweight flight and freedom of flight at the same time.

Flight can start in a variety of ways. In the first technique, the pilot quickly runs into the wind while dragging the parachute behind him. The pilot ultimately starts to fly as a result of the wind’s impact on the umbrella. If the wind is particularly high, the pilot may initially stand in the opposite direction (in what are known as “rivers” or “crosses”) to separate the parachute wind from the ground before turning around and beginning to run to separate from the ground. These techniques are typically used in mountainous regions so that the pilot can leverage the elevation difference with the implied terrain to sustain the flight length.

In the second technique, which is frequently employed in low-lying locations, the pilot is pulled by another device to the appropriate altitude (typically below 3,000 feet), at which point he disengages from the rope by which he is towed and flies independently. Circling the planet and the sky. Extremely entertaining and, of course, inspirational sport. Glider or, as paragliding experts would say, has particular fans and hence costs more.

The site is where the flight actually takes place. Depending on the kind of flight they want to take, participants in the sport select a certain location. There are several tram rides available here, but on hot summer afternoons, a thermo-walled flight, which can run for hours, is highly advised. This location also makes trans-regional flights simple. Some of the more famous pilots here have already covered the following distances:
Imamzadeh to Rudehen by: (Ali Attarod)
Imamzadeh to Ashur by:  (Alireza Esna-ashari)
Imamzadeh to Sarbandan by: (Reza Arya)

Damavand Mountain, Iran
Mount Damavand Iran The highest volcano in Asia
Useful and recommended pages for hiking, trekking and ski touring to Damavand Iran How To Climb Mount Damavand Iran? In this topic you learn how to climb Damavand Iran from 4 different routes and find the best instructions to organize and manage your plan to Damavand. Mount Damavand Facts and Info Main source of data for trekking Damavand Iran. Visit the country and enjoy an excellent trekking adventure at one of the Volcanic Seven Summits in the world. 

Mount Damavand Trekking and Ski Touring Guide Mount Damavand Guide is a team of motivated professionals, dedicated to providing their clients with adventurous and safe mountain trips and high quality mountain trekking tours in Iran. Hiking Trekking Mount Damavand Mount Damavand is standing in northern Iran and surrounded by many good-looking peaks and ridges of the Alborz Mountain Range. Due to its superior height it is visible from many kilometers away.

Mythology of Damavand Mountain, Iran Damavand Mountain is in the centre of Iranian mythology. This distinguished volcano has a special place in Iranian legend. Arash, the Archer (in Farsi آرش کمانگیر Āraš-e Kamāngīr) is a heroic archer of the Iranian mythology. Ski Touring Damavand Iran Damavand Mountain, Iran is the highest ski resort in the middle-east and is a popular target for winter sport activities. In good snow condition it is possible to ski the whole mountain, a very impressive 12,000 metres (39,370 feet) of vertical descent

Damavand Trekking Tours We are a leading mountain tour operator in Iran and organize a wide range of high quality tours to Damavand Mountai, Iran and other Iranian mountains for trekking, climbing, ski touring, covering from a simple summer hiking, ideal for complete beginner, up to advanced Alpine style mountaineering in winter. Damavand Volcano, Iran Damavand Volcano in Iran is a silent dormant volcano. It looks like Fujiyama in Japan but much greater. Its snowy white top with its regular clouds is the most nice-loking vista of Iran. There has been no eruption in historical times and records so Mount Damavand is regarded as an extinct silent volcano.

Damavand Peak Forecast Weather Forecast for Mt Damavand Peak at 5671 m altitude. Damavand Info is the recommended page you might like for more Damavand meteo.

Damavand Guide
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Mount Damavand Cloud Cap during sunrise
Damavand Mountain Cloud Cap during sunrise

Tandem paragliding experience in Iran. We offer an amazing tandem flights for everyone who want to see the world from a bird’s eye view. Only members can fly hang-gliders or paragliders here. Emamzadeh Hashem Paragliding & Hang Gliding team controls the sport though Paragliding schools, that carry out teaching. Guidance on planning a hang gliding, paragliding, paramotoring or parascending event or activity within Iran airspace. Paraglide Iran offers premier paragliding instruction, guiding and gear to paraglider pilots across Iran’s Paragliding & Hang Gliding Site. Tehran’s Imamzadeh Hashem Paragliding Field Tehran’s Imamzadeh Hashem Flight Site, a paragliding facility.

Damavand Info

If you need more information for hiking trekking and ski touring guided tours to Mount Damavand Iran, you may visit the following webpages in Damavand Info:

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