Polour Camp

Polour Hut is best starting point for Mt. Damavand Iran!
The well-established Polour complex camp is a mountaineering sport center and overnight campsite which was constructed in 2001 in Polour village next to Haraz Road by the Iran Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Federation. If you want to trek Damavand from the traditional south route or the west face, Polour lodge is the ideal place to accommodate and also to acclimatize before you start your hiking tour to Damavand Iran.

Polour Hut, Mount Damavand Iran 
Damavand Hiking, Trekking, Climbing & Ski Tour Guide
Polour Hut, Mount Damavand Iran
Damavand Hiking, Trekking, Climbing & Ski Tour Guide

One of the main roads between Tehran, the Iranian capital, to Mazandaran province’s Caspian Sea is Haraz Road. The stunning Haraz valley, which is closed off to the Haraz river, is passed by Damavand on this key road. From Polur mountain camp, you have quick access to Larijan spa, which is about 24 Km distance and 35 min drive by car.

Accommodation in Polour Lodge
The finest spot to stay in the area to adjust to the Damavand climate is Polour mountain resort. There is a hostel in that resembles a cozy accommodation in Polour hostel. Only two public dorms and few private rooms with bunk beds, toilet, hot water, shower, kitchen, and cooking supplies. See also Damavand Camp.

Polour Camp Hostel Bunk Beds Mount Damavand Hiking Trekking Tour Guide
Polour Campsite Hostel Bunk Beds
Mount Damavand Hiking Trekking & Climbing Tour Guide

Private Rooms at Polur mountaineering hostel
The typical booking method is for tour operators to handle reservations (and not by individuals). You can pay your tour operator a deposit in advance before the expedition to ensure that your reservation will be rewarded (if rooms are available). Damavand camp in Polour village operate on the principle of first come, first served during non-busy seasons!

Public Rooms (Dorm) at Camp 1 Polour
Both Damavand Camp 3 Hut and Camp 1 Polour Hut public rooms (dorms) lack a proper reservation system. They just operate on a first-come, first-served basis all season long.

Polour Resort Facilities: Advantages

  • Year-round hours hours of operation are 6 AM to 11 PM.
  • A shortcut route to Damavand Camp 2 Base Camp.
  • Suggested starting location for the west and south routes up Mount Damavand.
  • The best lodging and acclimatization location in the neighborhood.
  • Bunk bed public dorms as well as private rooms.
  • A kitchen and cooking appliances.
  • Electricity and drinking water.
  • Telephone line, ADSL Internet and WIFI.
  • Clean bathrooms and showers. hot and cold water taps.
  • The area is covered by 2 mobile networks.
  • Central heating, which is cozy and warm in the winter.
  • There is access to water, some food, soft drinks, and climbing equipment.
  • Reasonable management.

    Disadvantages of Polour Shelter
    This mountain resort has no significant drawbacks other than Crowd. However, as it becomes more well-known, makes it very busy at the busiest time of the Damavand climbing season, so you should reserve your room in advance.

Booking Damavand Camps
Unfortunately, at the moment we have no clear answer for foreign mountaineers for how to book Damavand camps! Already Iran Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Federation has stopped the former reservation system and intends to make an online registration. But we are not sure when and how they can manage it for foreigners! Booking a private room at Damavand campsite during peak season can be exceedingly challenging, especially for Camp 3 New Hut. There isn’t a specific person to contact to make camp reservations right now. Typically, Damavand tour operators make reservations by contacting Camp 1 Polour hotel directly. If there are any available dates, you can make a reservation at Polour resort in person if you do not already have an Iranian tour operator.

One of the primary routes connecting the capital Tehran to the north of Iran and the Caspian Sea in the province of Mazandaran is the Haraz Road, which travels over the Alborz Mountains and passes by Mount Damavand through the lovely Haraz Valley near to the Haraz River.

Polour Mountain Shelter Mount Damavand Hike Trek Climb Ski Tour Guide
Polour Mountain Refuge
Damavand Hike Trek Climb Ski Tour Guide

Important Reminder
Please be aware that it is not advised to stay in any unidentified places in the cities, villages, or open areas close to Damavand mountain. The Iran Mountain Federation Campsites are the ideal spot to rest for overnight.

Where is Polour Mountain Campsite?
Polour Shelter is located at latitude 35.846548° and longitude 52.060553°.
Polour mountaineering hut is situated about 2-hour drive by car from Tehran. It is stablished at altitude of 2270 meters above sea level in Polur village on the foothills of the Damavand, on the border of the provinces of Tehran and Mazandaran, in the district of Larijan near Amol city.

Quick Facts about Polour Resort
Distance from Tehran: about 80 Km by road, 2-hour drive by car.
Distance to Damavand Camp 1 Rineh 18 Km, 25 min drive by car.
Distance to Damavand Camp 2 Base Goosfandsara, 18 Km 50 min drive by 4WD car (approx. 11 Km asphalt road + 7 Km dirt road).

How to go to Camp 1 Polour Refuge?
You can drive directly to Polour Resort in Polour Village on your first day in Iran from IKA Airport by airport taxi or a Shargh hotel in Tehran.

Tehran> Haraz Road> Polour Village Junction> Camp 1 Polor Resort
At the Polour Village Junction on the Haraz Road, a statue of a mountaineer clearly indicates the location and your orientation.

How to go to Polour Shelter by Taxi?
You can take an IKA airport taxi from the airport or any hotel in Tehran to Polour Village. Keep in mind that most cab drivers are unaware of the precise location of this mountain camping hut.

How to go to Polour Hut by Bus?
Travel by bus is an inexpensive option, although there are no direct buses running from the airport or Tehran to this mountain resort. The majority of buses from Tehran east terminal (called Terminal-Sharq) travel to northern Iran through Haraz Road. You should get off the bus at Polour Village Junction and then take a local cab to Damavand camp 1 Polour hut. The significant bus terminal in eastern Tehran named Terminal Shargh is in the Tehranpars district.

How to go to Polour Camp by Damavand Guide transportation?
You may use our transportation services. Contact-us, we may arrange to use our Transportation Services.

Weather forecast for Polour Village
There isn’t a specific weather station for the prediction for Polour Village. The following weather info for Mount Damavand, which is the closest weather table for Polour Village, is the closest forecast! Its elevation is 4909 m. Although Polour Village Weather at 2250 masl is quite a little warmer than Damavand at 4900 meters above sea level, this table provides predicted information nonetheless.

Iran’s Polour Mountain Complex
This sizable utilitarian hostel/hotel is run by the Iran Mountaineering Association and serves as the base camp for many climbers who are attempting a Mount Damavand trekking tour. The bunk beds in the plainly furnished apartments are cozy. A shower costs an additional IR50,000 (in April 2019), but if you rent a private room with six bunk beds, the unit comes with an attached shower. There is a kitchen for self-catering but no cafe. Additionally, this is where you must pay the required fee to obtain a Damavand Climbing Permit $50 US. In the adjoining village of Rineh, the association also operates a more compact dorm building complex.

This is a fantastic hiking area for anyone with average skills. If you enjoy trekking, you will adore this location. Polour, which is along the path of the Damavand mountain, is also well known for its medicinal spring water that is comparable. Fantastic weather is present in spring; the temperature hovers about 18 degrees and drops in the morning. Green landscapes are beautiful to view and appreciate.

Polour Mountain Camping Site Mount Damavand Hike Trek Climb Ski Tour Guide
Polour Mountain Hut
Mount Damavand Hike Trek Climb Ski Tour Guide

Lar National Park (Dasht-e Lar)
Mount Damavand, the tallest mountain in Asia and the center of the Alburz Mountains, is Iran’s top natural tourism destination. The Lar national park (Dash-e Lar), with a lovely lake and a dam situated near the western slope of Damavand, is Iran’s other top natural destination.

This protected wildlife zone is home to a variety of birds, wild goat, jackal, wild pig, wolf, bear, and leopard. About 15 kilometers after the Village Polour, there is a gate that leads into the Lar national park. One of the most stunning views of Mount Damavand comes from the park’s entrance.

The Lar Dam and Lake Lar
You can take a short stroll with views of the lake and peak Damavand for no cost at the point of entry to the Lar national park, where you will enjoy a view of Lar Lake and Lar Dam.

It is a good idea to pay an entrance charge and drive around the lake with an off-road vehicle in order to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding natural landscape if you have enough time to hike and explore this area. The best plan is undoubtedly to climb and walk the Lar protected wild life zone in a 2-3 day excursion, while also having the opportunity to pass through the peaks at the slope of Mt Damavand, which is the most stunning from this northwest perspective. Circulate the Lar protected wildlife area. The typical scenery surrounding Lar Lake is mostly made up of ridges that rise three thousand meters above sea level.

Bee Hives
The Lar protected wildlife in the Alborz Mountains is home to an astounding amount of honey hives that are dispersed throughout the area. The local honey is well known. Dasht-e Lar is stunning after dusk. If you just have time for a brief visit to Dasht-e Lar, you should say farewell to the lake as the sun is setting and return at dusk.

Iran Hang Gliding and Paragliding Site Damavand Guide - Damavand Tour
Lar National Park (Dasht-e Lar)
The Lar Dam and Lake Lar
Damavand Mountain Hike Trek Climb Ski Tour Guide

Polour Village
On the foothills of the Damavand mountain stands Polour village. On the border of the provinces of Tehran and Mazandaran, the lovely village of Polour serves as one of the duties of the Larijan Amol district. The dialect of the Mazani language known as Amoli is spoken by the locals. Due to its proximity to Mount Damavand, Polour village, which is situated in a hilly area at an elevation of 2200 meters above sea level, experiences extremely cold winters and cool springs throughout the summer.

During the weekends and on important occasions, Haraz Road (Road 77), which connects Tehran to the province of Mazandaran, is one of Iran’s busiest roadways. Tehran-based tourists have taken notice of Haraz Road because of its scenic and well-traveled qualities, as well as the mountains, villages, and sightseeing and tourist sites. On the Haraz route from Tehran, if we descend the Imamzadeh Hashem pass, we will arrive in Pulor, a stunning settlement. The lovely community of Polour, whose mineral water has garnered much attention.

The cities and villages close to Pulor village include Ab-Ask, Rineh, Lar, Nava, Masha, Abali, Vana, Ziyar, etc. Polour is more well-liked by tourists in the spring and summer because of its pleasant weather. According to the burials that have been discovered nearby, Plour is a lovely village with a lengthy history. Because it takes one to two hours to drive from Polour to Tehran (depending on traffic), we’ll recommend Polour’s tourist attractions. Our recommendation is to travel from Tehran to Polour in one day.

Dareh Zaman (Valley of Time)
One of the water-filled valleys north of Polour village, which is situated on the left side of Lar road, is known by the name Zaman valley. Hot tubs are available at Zaman Valley, which is along the Lar River and offers relief from the heat. You can get Zaman Polour valley in Imamzadeh Hashem pass by using a side trail that leads to the river and the Lar Dam on the left side of the road. The hike begins at the old Lar river bridge, which is visible at the side road’s first turn. Keep in mind that different areas of the Lar River have different water depths and different water flow intensities. Where is Polour Gorge, if people inquire? Be aware that they are referring to Tazian Gorge, also known as the Valley of Zaman.

Lar National Park
In the northern part of Poloura village, in the Sar Sabzo region of Lar National Park, there are two roads that lead there: the Haraz Road and the Lar Road. The stunning Lar Dam lake and the gorgeous Damavand mountain are both inside the boundaries of the Lar National Protected Park, which is divided between Tehran Province and Mazandaran Province. North of Polour town, which is reachable through the Haraz mountain route and the Lar road, is Sar Sabz, a highly scenic section of Lar National Park. Many visitors flock to this stunning rural and natural location towards the end of June to witness the anemones that cover Lar Plain.

Gol-e Zard Cave (Yellow Flower Cave)
The Gol Zard Cave is situated to the north of the Polour area settlement. Due to floods in the fall and winter, this cave must remain closed. It has an underground water flow. In the summer, you can reach Gol Zard and take in its splendor by taking the dirt road on the left just before the Manzariye road. In the spring, the Ghar Gol Zard plain is spectacularly covered in wild flowers.

Qaleh Dokhtar Waterfall
The stunning waterfall of Qal’eh Dokhtar (Qala Dokhtar) is situated after crossing the first bridge toward Polour after travelling through the Imamzadeh Hashem pass. The waterfall lies next to Dokhtar Castle, only the remains of which are still visible. The Sassanid era is when Dokhtar Castle first appeared in history. Dokhtar Castle has been the subject of numerous tales, all of which claim that it served as a significant and revered site for religious rituals.

Polour Mountaineering Sports Complex
Mountaineers utilize the Polour Complex Camp as a base camp when ascending Damavand Peak. The Polour Mountaineering Sports Complex is a great location for rock climbing contests, training, and overnight lodging for weary mountaineers. In the summer, a lot of travelers and climbers visit this location. The complex’s sports amenities include a rock climbing room. The Federation of Mountaineering and Sports Climbing constructed and oversees Polour Mountaineering Camp.

Climbers can find a good spot in Polour. This group of climbing tourists enjoys the Polour mountain complex’s rock climbing walls. Near Polour is the tallest peak in Iran. The mountain known as Damavand Peak got its name from the poet Divan and mythological tales. The volcano’s crater is roughly 200 meters in diameter, has an ice lake in the center, and chimneys on its circumference that have caused the surrounding area to become yellow. In terms of geology, Damavand is considered a young volcano. It has been inactive since the last eruption of this volcano, which occurred about 7000 years ago. Damavand was formed in the fourth geological epoch, known as the Holocene era. The Middle East’s highest volcano is referred to as this summit.

Icefall- Icy Waterfall
The Damavand Ice Waterfall, the highest waterfall in the Middle East, is situated on the southern path of the Damavand Peak at a height of 5000 meters. And only in really hot summers does it melt.

Polour Hut’s Location
If you travel from Tehran to Amol, you will reach Haraz road after passing Boum-Hen and Roud-e Hen. This is the address of Polour. You will arrive in Imamzadeh Hashem in the direction of Amol after traveling for around 30 kilometers, and then you will arrive in Pulor. You can stay in nearby hostels/hotels or rent a villa in Polour’s overnight (shabmani) neighborhood and enjoy Polour’s attractions.

When to travel to Polour Resort?
The snow begins to melt in April, and wild flowers begin to bloom. Polor is covered in lovely flowers in May, and the trees are in full bloom. In late June and early July, anemones bloom. Every time you visit Polour, you enjoy to see it­­­­­­­­­.

Mount Damavand Road & Route Map Damavand Mountain Hike Trek Climb Ski Tour Guide
Mount Damavand Road & Route Map Damavand Mountain Hike Trek Climb Ski Tour Guide

Other Names and Spellings of Polour Hut
Panagah Polor, Polur resort, Poolor hostel, Poolour lodge, Polour hotel, Polour Hut, Polour Shelter, Polour Refuge, Polour Resort, Polour LodgePolour Hostel, Camp 1 Polour, Polour Mountain Resort, Polour Mountaineering Hut, Polour Mountain Complex, Polour Complex Camp, Polour settlement, Polour ski resort …

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