Larijan Spa

Larijan Spa
Larijan Ab-e Garm thermal spring or Larijan spa hot spring mineral waters with a variety of medicinal properties can be found in the slopes of Alborz, particularly in the area surrounding the Damavand volcano, because of the unique geological conditions there. The mountain’s interior is where its hot springs are located. Due to Larijan Hot Spring, Larijan Village is one of the most popular tourist destinations in this area.

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Ab-e Garm, Larijan
Larijan spa and Dasht-e Laleh (poppy field) are two of most well-known and stunning sights around Damavand volcano. The city of Reineh and Larijan are extremely close to a thermal hot springs. Iran’s Mazandaran Province includes the village of Ab-e Garm in Larijan District, Amol County. Around Reineh, the Larijan hot bath and Poppies field are picturesque and intriguing. Ab-e Garm Larijan hot thermal spring is only 5 km from Rineh City by Asphalt Road. Apples, cherries, walnuts, apricots, golden plums, hazelnuts, pears, etc. are some of Larijan Village’s most significant agricultural products. Read more in Damavand Camp.

Welcome to Larijan Spa
One of the tourist destinations close to Tehran is Larijan Spa, which has escaped the attention of many visitors who have repeatedly driven the Haraz Road to the Caspian Sea. Although it can be a day trip destination from Tehran and other regions of the country and a fun spot to go for recreation. In addition to the numerous therapeutic benefits that have become the focus of modern “medical tourism,” this mineral water, which comes from the boiling springs of Damavand volcano and is extremely old, also has good natural and recreational attractions.

The spa, which is close to the city of Rineh-Larijan and is situated in the provinces of Mazandaran and Amol, has 1,000 liters of water flowing through it every second at a temperature of 65 to 70 degrees Celsius. This spring’s water is clear and has a foul taste and odor of hydrogen sulfide, but it also contains magnesium bicarbonate salts that are useful for treating infectious, skin, and joint disorders.

The main street in this village has numerous shops on both sides to accommodate tourists’ demands. Travelers and tourists in the spring region can take advantage of the cozy amenities offered by Larijan Hot Spring Village. The Shah-Abbasi bath from the Safavid era is one of the most well-known structures in Larijan Spa Village.

Ab-e Garm Thermal Spring Damavand Volcano, Iran
Ab-e Garm Thermal Spring Damavand Volcano, Iran

Advantages of hot springs
Iran’s hot springs offer antifungal characteristics, the capacity to treat skin conditions and muscle ache, and other noteworthy and intriguing properties.

According to Iran’s hot water treatment method, spending an hour relaxing in 40-degree water is similar to walking for 30 minutes. It is also utilized for persons who are unable to be particularly active and is known by the scientific term passive heating.

Even your blood sugar and weight will fall with your passive heating technique. In general, the physical, chemical, temperature, and numerous radioactive gases affect the therapeutic benefits of hot springs and mineral water springs. The muscles are relaxed by the hot springs’ heat. Due to the heat of the water and the increased blood flow, more oxygen is made available to the patient’s cells by the heat that reaches his veins.
It boosts the neurological system’s response, delivers the necessary thermal energy conduction, quickens the exchange of substances between body cells, eases muscle exhaustion, and calms the nervous system. Physiotherapy in warm water is a part of the treatment for patients who have weak muscles or after surgery, a part of their body remains immobile and useless. This is because patients can move and exercise their joints and muscles more easily in water, leading to stronger and more advanced movement of the part.

Numerous well-known authors have written extensively about the use of water therapy for the treatment of the disorders indicated above thousands of years before the birth of Christ. As you are aware, Iran’s hot springs draw a sizable number of tourists to the cities where they are situated each year.

Abe-Garm Village Spa Damavand Volcano, Iran
Abe-Garm Village Spa Damavand Volcano, Iran

The ideal time of year to visit Larijan Spa
Visiting Larijan spa village is beautiful virtually year-round. You can visit Larijan spa resort, a lovely and tranquil village, at any time of year. Even in the winter, visiting Larijan Spa is quite delightful and not without pleasure, despite the fact that it is one of the coldest places in the world.

Features of the Larijan Spa
In order to take advantage of the Larijaan mineral spring’s hot water, facilities with jacuzzi pools and lodging units have been developed. These facilities are used for family lodging, half-day recreation, and overnight lodging in addition to overnight lodging.

Important note
Please be aware that the spa spring in Larijan does not cover all of the residences with sulfur spas; instead, on alternating Fridays and during the middle of the week, the homes, suites, and villas transfer the spa to their water sources. The ponds get heated water that has had the sulfide content removed. As a result, while renting a home, double-check that the pool or pond’s sulfur has settled in the bottom and that the water is warm but not hot. Additionally, let the landlord know that you won’t be paying the rent if the sulfur and hot water aren’t working.

Ab-e Garm Thermal Spring Damavand Volcano, Iran
Ab-e Garm Thermal Spring Damavand Volcano, Iran

Road leading to the Larijan spa village
The access road to Larijan Hot Spring departs from the main road at Gaznak, Larijan Section after traveling 80 kilometers on the tourist route of Haraz that connects Amol City to Tehran, and continues on a mountain road and asphalt to the west, passing through the villages before arriving at the spa.

On the Haraz road, around 80 kilometers from Tehran, you will see the village’s direction sign. Of course, it wrotes Reyne instead of specifically mentioning the spa. The best indication that a restaurant called Salary is there. Right outside this eatery is where the village’s detour path departs. There are two other settlements, Rineh and Niak, between the spa village and the side of the main road. It takes around 20 minutes to travel via this route, which is rather twisting, mountainous, and tight. If you decide to travel down this road at night, it can be a little frightening because it is so dark.

Regarding Reineh Town
Iran’s Mazandaran province is home to the lovely tiny town of Rineh, which is situated at the base of Mount Damavand on its southern slopes. It serves as the district’s capital in Amol County’s Larijan district.

Larijan SPA Hot Spring Damavand Volcano, Iran
Larijan SPA Hot Spring Damavand Volcano, Iran

How to get to Larijan Village
There are two ways to get from Tehran to Reineh: either proceed to Polour Camp in Polour Village and then to Rineh town, or continue on the Haraz Road to reach Reineh immediately. The first choice takes a quicker detour.

Getting there: Reineh & Ab-e Garm Larijan
If you go 80 kilometers from Amol to Tehran on the Haraz route, you will come across Reine after Gaznak. The city of Reineh is close to a hot spa. Ab-e Garm Larijan Hot Thermal Spring (Larijan SPA).by asphalt road, is only 5.5 km away from Rineh City.

Tehran city > Haraz Road > Polour village > Polour Camp > Polour to Reineh Road > Reineh Town> Ab-e Garm Larijan

Tehran city > Haraz Road > Pol e Moon Junction (Akbar Jojeh)> Reineh Town> Larijan spa

Via cab
You can get a taxi to take you to Ab-e Garm Larijan from the airport or any hotel in Tehran. Remember that most cab drivers don’t know exactly where this Rineh camping area is.

By Bus
There isn’t a direct bus that goes to this town; instead, take a taxi to Station Shargh in the Tehranpars neighborhood, an east Tehran bus terminal, where you can board a bus that will transport you close by. Take a local taxi to Ab-e Garm Larijan from Pol e Moon Junction after getting off at that stop.

Larijan SPA Hot Spring Damavand Volcano, Iran
Larijan SPA Hot Spring Damavand Volcano, Iran

FAQ about Larijan SPA

What is spa?
A hot spring is referred to as a spring with water that is warmer than usual, contains some minerals, and has medicinal properties. These mineral waters seep out under pressure from fractures in the earth’s surface and from the depths of the earth.

Where is Larijan Spa?
Larijan spa is conveniently located near the Damavand volcano peak, making it a suitable choice for climbers in the area. It is close to Haraz Road, where you may discover a tidy and pleasant atmosphere.

What amenities are offered at the Larijan spa?
Regular services are provided to clients at Larijan Village Spa. Spa baths, sleeping and resting areas, hotels, guest houses, and local homes are among the amenities offered by Larijan Spa.

How far is Larijan Spa from Amol and Tehran by car?
It takes around two hours to drive from Tehran’s East Terminal, also known as Terminal Sharq in the Tehranpars neighborhood, to Larijan Spa. 110 kilometers or so. The distance between Amol Bus Terminal and Larijan Spa is around an hour and a half by car. Larijan Spa Village and Rineh city are only separated by 5.5 kilometers.

Which SPA is the best near Damavand volcano?
You’ve probably heard of Reine-Larijan thermal spring if you enjoy going to natural hot springs. a settlement located in the province. You should be informed that Larijan Thermal Spring Spa, one of Iran’s most well-known hot mineral springs, may be reached by taking the Haraz Road in the direction of Mazandaran. Larigan village’s most important feature is its proximity to Tehran, which is only a short drive away and can be accessed by automobile in about two hours because to its location along the Haraz highway (south of Mazandaran).

Abe-Garm Thermal Spring Damavand Volcano, Iran
Abe-Garm Thermal Spring Damavand Volcano, Iran

What are the tourist attractions in Larijan?
Attractions for tourists at The Larijan Spa. The Larijan SPA is famous for its mineral and sulfurous hot springs. In addition to this spring, which is useful for water therapy, the city has other tourist attractions. Larigan provides one of the most appealing views of Damavand Peak because it is the community that is closest to it. Naturally, Damavand’s entertainment options have boosted its appeal as a vacation spot close to Tehran. The stone tomb of Kafir Kelli, the anemone field at the foot of Damavand Mountain, and some of Larijan Spa’s other features could be included.

Where is Larijan Spa?
Larijan, a district of Amol in the province of Mazandaran, is home to the settlement of Larijan Spa. The majority of guests travel to Larijan spa for a one day vacation in order to take advantage of the resort’s nearby proximity to Tehran and its therapeutic spring. To reach to Larijan Spa, you must travel from Tehran to Rodhen and Damavand Road.

What are the advantages of Larijan spa?
Spa Larijan is a mineral spa that uses a variety of salts and substances, such as calcium, sulfur, and others. The body can benefit from these mineral salts in a number of ways, including relaxation and the treatment of internal problems. You should use caution when utilizing these therapeutic mineral waters because extended exposure to gases like sulfur might lead to sensitivity. Because public baths and pools are always stocked with water, are required to maintain sanitary standards, and are thus inherently more confident in this regard, we advise using these facilities to benefit from the advantages of hot water.

What time of year is optimum for a Larijan spa visit?
The Larijan Spa is open all year long, but in some months, especially those that are hot or involve a lot of travel, the spring water level may drop, making it impossible for you to completely enjoy this body of water. Additionally, due to how hot the spring water is, it is ideal to go there in the winter when the warmth of the water will help you feel more comfortable in the freezing surroundings.

Is the Larijan tour a one-day excursion?
With the exception of the fact that it is close to Amol, Tehran, and numerous other picturesque places, your time at Rineh & Larijan Spa is frequently brief. The majority of visitors to this village come for just one day. If you go first thing in the morning, it will take you around two hours to acquire hot water. After that, you can explore the village for the remainder of the day and eat lunch before coming back at night. Larijan hamlet has hotels and private homes for overnight stays, however for a more comfortable stay, we recommend choosing Amol or Damavand.

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