Damavand 3-Day Itinerary

Damavand 3-Day Itinerary
This program is offered to applicants for Damavand Group Tours and Damavand Economy Tours. Visit Prices the Schedules and Include Services HERE. Visit also Damavand’s 5-Day Itinerary for VIP private trekking tours.

Mount Damavand Iran Climbing Tour
Mt. Damavand Iran Climbing Tour

Route: Damavand South Route
Duration: 3 days 2 nights.
Start-End point: A hotel in Tehran.
Season: Damavand trekking season, summertime.

Day 1: Drive from Tehran to base camp and trek to Camp 3.
Day 2: Ascent to Damavand summit and return to Camp 3.
Day 3: Descent to Basecamp and drive to Tehran.

Road Map Damavand Camp 1 Polour to Camp 2 Base Mount Damavand Hiking Trekking Tour Guide
Damavand Camp 1 Polour to Camp 2 Base Map
Mount Damavand Hiking Trekking Tour Guide

Damavand 3-Day Trekking Itinerary in details:

Day 1 – Starting Day:
The tour will start with a car ride from a hotel in Tehran to Damavand’s first campsite, in Polour village, which is located at an altitude of 2,250 meters above sea level. After obtaining the Damavand climbing permit and changing the car to a 4WD off-road car, from Camp 1, the group will continue the drive as far as the car can go up, to Damavand Basecamp (also called Camp 2, Gosfand-Sara or Mosque), which is located at an altitude of 3,050 meters above sea level.

After arriving at Camp 2 Base, the group will start trekking towards Camp 3 Bargah Sevom, which is located at an altitude of 4,250 meters above sea level.

The trek will take between 4 to 5 hours, depending on the group’s pace and the weather conditions. Once at Camp 3 Bargah Sevom, the group will stay overnight at C3. In none crowded season generally, we use the Damavand Camp 3 new hut, which is a modern shelter equipped with basic amenities such as beds. In the crowded season, the other options are using an igloo or tents. Overnight the New Hut, igloo or tent.

Damavand Camp 2 - Base Camp – Gosfand-Sara – Mosque Mount Damavand Hike Trek Climb Tour Guide
Damavand Base-Camp – GosfandSara – Mosque
Mount Damavand Climbing Tour Guide

Day 2 – Summit Day:
The day will start early, with climbers waking up at around 4 AM to prepare for the ascent to the Damavand summit. After breakfast, the group will start climbing at approximately 5 AM, aiming to reach the peak by midday. The Damavand climb will take between 5 to 7 hours, depending on the group’s fitness level and the weather conditions. The summit of Mount Damavand is located at an altitude of 5,670 meters above sea level, and the climb requires good physical condition and proper equipment. After reaching the summit, the group will descend back to Camp 3 for the night. Overnight in the hut, igloo or tent.

Damavand Summit Ski Touring Guide
Damavand Summit Ski Touring Guide

Day 3 – Return Day:
After breakfast, the group will start the day by packing up and trekking back from Camp 3 to Camp 2 Base, which will take between 3 to 4 hours, then drive back to C1. Once at Camp 1 and Polour village, the group will have a chance to rest and have lunch before continuing to Tehran. From Camp 1, the group will drive back to Tehran, where the tour will end in the afternoon. The total driving time from Camp 1 to Tehran is approximately 2 to 3 hours, depending on the traffic conditions.

Damavand Guide - Damavand Tour
Damavand Guide – Damavand Tour

Included Services
The following services are provided for Damavand Group Tours and Damavand Economy Tours.

• Staying in either Camp 3 hut, igloo, or tent.
• Transportation from a specific starting point in Tehran to Camp 1 and back to the same location.
• 4WD vehicle transportation from Camp 1 to the maximum point reachable by car in Camp 2 Base, and back to Camp 1.
• A knowledgeable Damavand mountain guide.
• Meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) while at the mountain campsite.
• Tents will be provided if needed.
• Cooking equipment.

Mount Damavand Road & Route Map Damavand Mountain Trekking and  Climbing Tour Guide
Mount Damavand Road & Route Map
Damavand Climbing Tour Guide

Damavand Trekking Tour Types:
Generally, we organize Damavand tours in 3 different categories:

1- Damavand Group Tours (summer – trekking)
2- Damavand Economy Tours (summer – trekking)
3- Damavand VIP Private Tours (all seasons – summer trekking, winter climbing, ski touring)

1- Damavand Group Tours
Trekking teams and mountaineering groups are eligible for the budget-friendly Damavand group tours in the summer season. This tour package is not suitable for solo climbers. We share our skills with several climbing organizations so they have the highest chance of success as they attempt Mount Damavand in the most affordable manner. Any foreign hiking and trekking groups are welcome to join Damavand Group Tours.
Find all details Including Services, Schedules, and Prices HERE.

2- Damavand Economy Tours
For lone climbers who prefer to split the expense of their Damavand tour with other hikers and enjoy the social aspects of being with other teams, the Damavand economy tour is an affordable choice for summertime. The goal is to make it possible for lone climbers to join other mountaineers from different countries who are motivated to achieve the peak and climb as a team while spending the least amount of money.
Visit the Prices, the Schedules, and Included Services HERE.

3- Damavand VIP Private Tours
The Damavand VIP Private Tours are completely customized for trekking tours and ski touring packages and are ideal for incoming foreign mountaineering teams and individual climbers all season. A Damavand private tour is a private excursion when privacy matters and you could gain the most from a tour that has been specially designed for you. In terms of time, itinerary, team size, and the services and logistics you require, it is incredibly flexible. Under this category, we carry numerous foreign mountaineering teams and lone hikers to Damavand Peak for trekking and ski mountaineering tours. If you’d prefer more privacy and freedom for your mountain activity, we highly recommend our Damavand VIP Private Tours with our fantastic services and knowledgeable Damavand tour guides to assist you in especially custom-designed categories.
Find more details: Included Services, Itineraries and Prices.

Mount Damavand Camp I Polour to Camp II Gosfandsara Road Map
Mount Damavand Iran
Camp I Polour to Camp II Gosfandsara Map

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