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The best source of information on hiking Iran’s Damavand Mountain is Damavand Guide. Visit Iran and take part in a fantastic trekking trip at one of the world’s Volcanic Seven Summits. The highest point in Iran, Mount Damavand, is proudly the best place to hike. See also Damavand Camp.

Damavand Mountain Iran.
Damavand Cloud Cap
Photo by Ardeshir Soltani
Mount Damavand Iran

Iran is the current name for ancient Persia. You can overlook Iran’s stunning natural beauty while in awe of its extremely old history and architecture. The most popular mountain to hike is to Climb Damavand, which serves as Iran’s roof. However, the best draw to the nation is how hospitable the people are and how they make you feel at home. Iranian culture places a high value on Damavand, which is typically surrounded by a halo of clouds. This page is recommended for more information Damavand Guide: Damavand hike trek ski tour guide.

Damavand summit, which is frequently surrounded by clouds, is significant in Iranian mythology and folklore. More than one of the nation’s incredible natural wonders can be found while Trekking Mt. Damavand. In a clear sky, Tehran and as far as 250 kilometers away can both see the Damavand top. Another name for this enormous volcano in perfect cone shape is Damavand Volcano. It is situated on the southern shore of the Caspian Sea in the northern part of Iran, in the center of the Alborz Mountain Range. The height of the Damavand Mountain is 5670 meters above sea level (See also Damavand Height by our GPS Measurement). The Volcano Damavand is the second-highest volcano in the northern hemisphere and the tallest volcano in Asia. You can frequently visit this webpage Damavand Climb: Damavand trekking tour guide.

In the winter, snow covers the entire mountain; in the other seasons, it just covers the top parts. A shallow summit crater on Damavand (in Persian دماوند) is typically covered in snow and clouds. The most magnificent sight in Iran is the snow-white peak with its characteristic Cloud Cap. The Alborz Chain contains many attractive peaks that encircle Damawand. This enormous mountain appears more beautiful from a distance than it does up close. There are a few well-known glaciers, including Yakhar, Sioleh, and Dobi Sel, right beneath its crater. Read more in Damavand Info. Read this article to broaden your knowledge about climbing Nandal Camp: Nandal Village mountaineer house.

Simply visit Iran to climb Damavand, or otherwise explore this massive volcano to get a sense of its size. Mt. Damavand is one of the Volcanic Seven Summits in the globe. Additionally, as mentioned in Wikipedia, Damavand Iran is classified as the planet’s 12th-highest prominence (the scale is Mt Everest in Himalaya). In addition to this snow-capped volcano, Iran is home to other unexplored hiking trails, trekking places, ski mountaineering heights, ski touring regions, and ski resorts. Iran’s most notable landmark, Mount Damavand, towers magnificently close to the Caspian Sea’s southern coast. It has a small summit crater covered in a permanent snowcap and is encircled by other attractive peaks of the Alborz Mountain Range. About 80 kilometers (km) to the northeast of Tehran, Iran’s capital city, on the Haraz Road, close to the town of Amol, is where you’ll find Damavand. Discover quality articles in Damavand Ski Tour: Damavand ski touring guide.

Damavand Mountain in Iran in the middle of the Alborz Mountain Range
Damavand Mountain
Located in the middle of the Alborz Mountains

Damavand Guide Info, Facts
Iran is home of numerous beautiful mountains suitable for hiking trekking and climbing. Damavand is a photogenic figure of the country that is covered in snow in winter and stands at 5,670m, much higher than anything around it. Mount Damavand is the highest peak in Iran and the highest volcano in all Asia. This giant volcano is situated in the central part of the Alborz Mountain Range, 80 Km north-east of capital Tehran. Mt. Damavand is the most prominent feature of Iran looming majestically near the southern coast of the Caspian Sea. Just want to mention that the posts on this webpage are amazing Mount Doberar: Mount Doberar ridgeline wild skiing.

The white summit of Damavand with its regular cloud caps is one of the most stunning sight of Persia, as is the Fujiyama in Japan. Mt Damawand is encircled by many good-looking peaks of the Alburz Chain such as Mount Doberar. Alam-Kuh, an amazing high peak in Takhte Soleyman (Takht-e Suleyman) Massif, and the admirable Dena Mountain are among the most famous Iranian hiking trekking and climbing trails. Those looking to learn more may visit this website Lasem Village: Lasem skiing resort near mount Doberar.

Standing at 18,600 feet above sea level, Mount Damavand is the most notable mountain peak in Iran and nicknamed as the roof of Iran or top-of-Persia. Mt Damawand is located between capital city Tehran and Amol city in Mazandaran Province, midway on the Haraz Road. A small and beautiful town called Damavand City is situated about 20 Km from the mountain and is much used as a summer resort by the people of Tehran.

Mount Damavand Guide Info Facts & Difficulty
Mount Damavand Guide Info Facts & Difficulty

Quick Facts for Trekking Mount Damavand
Best hiking program: 4 to 5 days.
Best trekking itinerary: 4A – 5A. Visit Damavand Itinerary.
Best start campsite: Polour mountaineering camp, visit Damavand GPS Track.
Best starting day: Saturday/Sunday, Visit Damavand Crowd.
Best mountaineering season: mid-June To mid-Sep. See also Damavand Timing and Climbing Season.
Best trekking side: South route, See How to Climb Damavand and Damavand Climbing Routes.
Best accommodation campsite: Damavand camp 1 Polour Resort.
Best acclimatization campsite: Damavand camp 3 New Hut.
Oldest campsite in the area: Damavand Camp 1 Reyneh & Damavand Camp 2 Base (also called Goosfand Sara).

Quick Facts for Ski Touring Damavand Mountain
Damavand ski touring mainly depends on the weather and the amount of snow. Visit Damavand Ski Touring.
Skiing season and snow availability is generally from November to mid-May.
Best ski touring time: December to April.
Best ski touring side: South route
Snow depths: 2 to 5 m

Damavand Vertical Drop
Optimum downhill ski, skiable distance
Summit to camp 3 New Hut: 3300 m
Camp 3 to camp 2 Base: 4700 m
Camp 2 Base to dirt road junction: 4000 m
Total distance from Damavand summit to dirt road junction: 12 Km, 12000 m
Highest resort Camp 3 New Hut altitude: 4250 m
Lowest resort Camp 1 Polour altitude: 2270 m

Damavand Facts & Statics for Hiking & Trekking Tour
Damavand General Facts
Distance from Tehran to first campsite by road: 80km
Attitude: 5670 meters, 18,600 feet, Visit Damavand Elevation.
Latitude: 35° 57′ 19″ N, Visit Damavand GPS Landmarks.
Longitude: 52° 06′ 36″ E

Highest Peak
Damavand is the highest peak in Persian plateau and the summit is the Middle-East, also the largest dormant volcano in Asia and the second highest volcano in Northen hemisphere.

More Facts for hiking Damavand South Route
Damavand Difficulty and climbing grade in summer season:
Difficulty: F, YDS class 2 (plus sulphur gas above 5400 m).
Route type: Basic mountaineering.
Difficulty: Moderate walk-up, easy descend.

Mt. Damavand Major Campsites Heights (above sea level)
– Camp 1 Polour 2270 meters
– Camp 1 Reineh 2070 meters
– Camp 2 Base 3040 meters
– Camp 3 Bargah Sevom 4220 meters
– Camp 3 New Hut 4250 meters

Trekking Distance Between Damavand Campsites
– Trekking camp 2 base to camp 3 Bargah: 4700 m.
– Hiking camp 3 to summit: 3300 m.
– Climb basecamp to summit: 8000 meters.

Time and Speed for Damavand Hiking
Mountaineering base-camp to Summit.
– Average trekking Time 10 hours. Visit Facts
– Average trekking speed 800 m/h.

Vertical Gain Damavand
2nd camp to 3rd camp: 1160 m.
3rd camp to summit: 1470 m.
Total basecamp to summit: 2630 m.

Damavand Volcano Status: not active. See Damavand Volcanic Activity.
Most recent eruption: None on the record.

Most experienced trekking tour guidesDamavand Guides
Website: Website: Damavand Info
Blog: Mount Damavand Guide
Forum: Damavand Forum

Mount Damavand First Climbs: We believe there has been may unrecorded climbs in ancient years.

Damavand first recorded climb: 1837 by W.T Thomson.

Damavand Location: Central Alborz Mountain Range, Iran, 80 Km drive east of Tehran.

Nearest International Airport: IKA Airport (or Mehrabad Airport) Teheran, Iran.

Mt. Damavand Other Names and Spellings
English: Mountain or Volcano Damavand, Damawand, Demavand, Demavend, Donbavand, Damāvand. Visit also Damavand Forum.

Farsi/Persian: Koh e Damavand alternate Dood koh, Koh Damawand, Qolleh Damāvand. Donbalvand, Dive Sepid, Koh e Ghaf.
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Mount Damavand South Route Hiking Trekking and Climbing Maps
Damavand Mountain South Route Trekking Map

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