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Mount Tochal Trekking Guide
Mount Tochal 3,965 meters is an international & national climbing target and one of the Iran’s best-loved peaks for hiking trekking and ski touring. Tochal peak is a mountain and a ski resort close to Tehran’s metropolitan region.

A 12-kilometer-long (7.5-mile) ridge is part of it. Its highest peak, which is also known as Tochal summit, is located at a height of (13,008 ft). Tochal Mountain is situated in the middle of the Alborz mountains near Tehran, Iran’s capital. Tochal is an integral part of Tehran city, where the urban and the mountain exist side by side.

In Tehran, you only need to look out the window toward the north, at home, school, or the office to see the enormous Tochal peak. Before trekking Damavand, the greatest goal for training and acclimatization is Tochal Mountain. An excellent summit to tackle before attempting the higher one to become used to Iran’s mountains. Visit Damavand Camp.

Mout Tochal Hike Trek ski Tour Guide
Mount Tochal view from Tehran city
Tochal Hiking Trekking ski Touring Guide

Alburz chain has numerous peaks above 4000-meter, Mt. Tochal is regarded as a the most well-known 4000 m peak close to Tehran, which is a very popular for trekking and Tochal ski tour guide destination due to its proximity to the capital. Iran has seen a huge increase in the popularity of mountain trekking in recent years. The popular trails for hiking, trekking, mountaineering, and rock climbing are crowded with Iranian and foreign climbers on Iranian holidays and weekends (Thursday and Friday) and when the weather in Tochal is good. Mount Tochal marks the southern limit of the Alborz Mountains. That is to say, Tochal rises from the northern city of Tehran. Tehran city’s elevation varies from about 1800 meters at its northern end, to about 1000 meters at its southern end, where it approaches the edges of Iran’s central desert.

Tochal Routes
Mount Tochal Hiking Routes. From the northern suburbs of Tehran, a number of hiking routes ascend Mt. Touchal peak and also to the different altitudes and peaks. From west to east the most popular trekking routes are Farahzad, Darakeh, Tele-cabin, Darband, Kolak Chal (Park Jamshidiyeh) and Darabad. Tochal summit’s most direct climbing route and popular mountaineering trail is through Darband trail. The rest of the routes aside from the Tele cabin—follow tree-lined mountain streams at the foot of valleys, where trailside cafes offer a spot to pause and relax while enjoying refreshments. The popularity of Tochal trekking tour and Tochal ski touring has greatly increased recently.

Mount Tochal Hiking Trekking Tour Guide
Tochal Mountain Hike Trek ski Tour Guide

Mount Tochal Hiking & Trekking Routes
From Tehran or the communities at the mountain’s base, you can ascend Tochal using a variety of routes. The following are the most well-known routes from Tehran to Mount Tochal:

1- Darband Sq. via Shirpala Hut > Amiri Shelter (Siah Sang) > Tochal Peak. The most popular route, but it includes scrambling.
2- Darband Sq. via Osoun valley > Amiri refuge (Siah-Sang Shelter) > Tochal Summit. It is longer than route no 1 but without scrambling.
3- Jamshidieh Park via Kalchal Mountain Resort > Piazchal valley > Lezoon peaks > Tochal Summit. Popular route on the eastern face.
4- Velenjak St. via Tele-Cabin > gondola’s 1st station > gondola’s 5th station- gondola’s 7th station > Tochal peak, the most popular route on the western front.

In addition to these routes, Mount Tochal Peak can be reached from Darakeh and Darabad also from the west of the mountain, Emamzadeh Davood, and the north, as well as from Shahrestanak Village and a few other villages.

Mt. Tochal Trekking Guide. Numerous climbers congest the Tochal peak paths on the Iranian holidays and weekends. There are some climbing walls where the rock climbing is possible, the most well-known of which being the Bande Yakhchal and Kolak Chal Walls. East of the Darband Valley is where the enormous rocky wall known as Band-e Yakhchal is located. It rises to a top elevation of 3110 meters and is a few hundred meters high. The Kolak-Chal Wall rises to a height of 3330 meters above the Kolak Chal mountain resort. These two towering walls are clearly visible from Tehran city.

Shirpala Mountain Resort - Mount Tochal, Iran - Mount Tochal Hiking Trekking and Climbing Tour Guide
Shirpala Complex Campsite- Tochal Mountain, Iran – Mount Tochal Hiking Trekking and Climbing Tour Guide

Mount Tochal – Darband Route
The Darband path is the most popular route for Tochal hiking and trekking tours, according to the majority of Iranian mountaineers and mountain travel operators. Take Darband Street north from Tajrish Square in northern Tehran until it ends at Sarband Square, which is at the foot of a cliff. To access the trail, climb the stairs at the end of the street. At the bottom of Darband Valley, where there are an excessive number of vendors and streamside cafes, the trail passes through Pase-Ghale village and follows a stream that is bordered by trees. The more casual hikers congregate here, which is the most congested stretch of the trekking trail. You will arrive at a steep, rocky area at about 2,400 meters.

You can climb the more challenging cliffs with the aid of steel ladders and cables embedded in the rock. The watercourse in this region, known as Abshar Dogholou (twin falls), has produced quite a few waterfalls. Climb the cliffs for another 300 meters until they abruptly disappear at about 2,700 m. You must climb a short hill for another 50 meters to get to the Shirpala mountain hut at 2,750 m. Numerous cafes can be found nearby. There won’t be any more cafés after this, so reward yourself with a refreshing beverage. Shir-Pala mountain resort is the only place that most people hike, so you might be able to find some peace and quiet from here on out.

Amiri Shelter or Siahsang Refuge Mount Tochal Mountaineering Tour Guide
Amiri Shelter or Siahsang Refuge Mount Tochal Mountaineering Tour Guide

The trail then turns west, away from the trees and the creek, ascending a slope to reach a crest at 2,950 m. Right now, you are halfway there. Turn north and continue along the ridge for a challenging ascent to the peak. Small bands of cliffs that are not difficult to pass may appear from time to time. The Siah-Sang or Amiri shelter, which is located at around 3,480 meters, was constructed in the early 1990s in honor of a climber who perished from exposure at that location. On the summit there is also a small shelter called Jan-Panah Tochal or Tochal refuge.

Mount Tochal Summit Shelter - Mount Tochal Climbing Tour Guide Mount Tochal and Mount Damavand winter view from Tochal summit
Mount Tochal Summit Shelter – Mount Tochal Climbing Tour Guide Mount Tochal and Mount Damavand winter view from Tochal summit

Mount Tochal Tour
Foreign mountaineers and incoming climbing tours who live close to sea level and want to spend a few days acclimating and preparing are highly advised to do the Mount Tochal tour or Mount Alam-Kuh tour in advance and before a climbing tour to Mount Damavand. The Tochal tour schedules are variable, so you can alter the tour package to best fit your strategy.

Darband route hiking and trekking excursion of Mount Tochal. For Tochal climbing tours, the Darband route is the most popular. Tochal Mountain tour offers one day or two days trekking tour itinerary depending on your level of physical ability. You may choose the Darband route as follows for a two-day itinerary that won’t be too difficult.

Tochal Mountain Hiking Tour – Two Days Program
On day 1 transfer from you lobby hotel in Tehran to Darband (Sar-Band Sq.) and trek via Darband route to Shirpala mountain Hut at 2,750 m. Overnight at Shirpala mountain resort. On day 2 trek to Mount Tochal peak 3,965 m and then return back to Tehran. You can either descend from the same Darband route or use the gondola lift to go down. In this case you must descend about half an hour to the Tele-Cabin 7th station and then use the gondola lift to go to Velenjak area. Transfer to your hotel and stay the night at your hotel in Tehran. Visit more Tochal plus Damavand Tours.

Detailed Mount Tochal Trekking Tour
Mount Tochal’s tour via the Shirpala route. Tehran to Tochal Mountain via Darband and Shirpala resort is the quickest and most popular route. You can hike this route in one or two days, depending on your schedule and physical condition.

Day 1 – Hiking Tour to Shirpala Hut
You first travel to Tehran’s Tajrish Square in order to access Mount Tochal via Darband-Shirpala trail. Make your way from Tajrish to Darband Sq. and then to Sarband Square, where a mountaineer’s statue is located. The actual route starts from this climber sculpture. It begins with a northward slope that is somewhat steep. After about 30 minutes of hiking off the beaten path you’ll arrive in Pas-Qaleh village, where there are cool gardens and coffee shops.

After Pasqaleh village, you will then enter the renowned Shir-Pala route, some part of the route is rope-secured for your protection and safety. After about 2 hours of trekking along this route you’ll reach ShirPala mountain resort. The best mountain campsite on Tochal Mountain is Shirpala hut, which has a restaurant and numerous rooms for overnight. You can spend the night there or just take a quick nap in the campsite and continue your trek to the summit, depending on your plans.

Day 2 – Climbing Tour to Tochal Peak
There is a steep path leading to the north after the Shirpala camping site. This path will take you to Amiri shelter (also called Siah-Sang refuge). In two hours of hiking Amiri Shelter (3450m) is an appropriate location for a break or a night’s sleep. However, it has fewer amenities and a smaller capacity than Shirpala hut. You will reach the summit following Amiri Shelter and two hours of trekking along the same path. The view from Tochal summit is beautiful, and you can see Mount Damavand and Mount Alam Kuh, which are the highest peaks in Iran, as well as the numerous +4000 peaks of the Alborz mountain range. You can either descend from the route or use the gondola lift to descend Velenjak area. You’ll have to descend about an hour to the Tochal Telecabin (gondola lift) 7th station before you can use the gondola lift.

Climbing Tours Itinerary Mount Tochal + Mount Damavand
Hiking tour to Mount Tochal 3965 meters for acclimatization and then trekking tour to Damavand Iran 5670 meters in one tour package. The proposed plan below is for international mountaineers who live close to sea level and prefer to acclimate and prepare for a little while before experiencing Mount Damavand in Iran. The schedules are variable, so you can alter the tour packages to best fit your strategy.

6 Days Itinerary – Mt. Tochal Trekking Tour + Mt. Damavand Climbing Tour
Day 1:
Drive to Sarband Sq. and hike to Shirpala mountain hut (2750 m). O/N Shirpala mountain resort/tent.
Day 2: Trek to Mt. Tochal summit 3965 mters and return to your hotel in Tehran. Overnight hotel.
Day 3: Drive to Damavand Camp 1 Polour 2270 meters. O/N C1 hut/local house/tent.
Day 4: Drive by 4WD cars to Camp 2 Base (Goosfand-Sara) 3050 m and trek to Camp 3 Bargah Sevom Hut, 4250 meters. O/N C3 hut/igloo/tent.
Day 5: Climb to Damavand peak 5670 meters and return back to Camp 3 Bargah Sevom. O/N C3 hut/igloo/tent.
Day 6: Descent to Camp 2, drive by 4WD cars to Camp 1. Transfer to your hotel in Tehran. O/N hotel in Tehran.

What are the benefits of Tochal Mountain trekking Tours?
A good acclimatization and preparation before attempting a Damavand trekking tour. A number of climbing tour options accessible to all climbers. Proximity to Tehran provision of one-day and two-day schedules. Various huts and shelters for overnight. There are numerous springs and waterfalls. Supporting additional nearby summits for a longer trekking schedule.

Tochal Tour is a fantastic option if you have the time for a lengthy excursion and a relaxing tour. You can use the gondola to get part of the way up and then hike the remaining distance, from the 1st to the 5th station or the 5th to the 7th station for example. You should get going on this plan as soon as possible. Would you like to stay on Mount Tochal for a few nights and extend your trip? Any of the routes mentioned above are options. The gondola lift’s purpose is to make climbing or descending easier. Find more information about the first path in our websites.

Tochal Mountain Climbing Tour. Mount Tochal hiking trekking tours and the most well-liked climbing tours generally begins in Darband and leads first to the Shirpala Mountain Resort, then to Amiri Shelter and finally to the Tochal Peak, is as follow:

Tehran> Tajrish> Darband St.> Sarband Sq.> Darband Valley> Pase Ghale Village> Abshar Dogholou (Twin Falls)> Shirpala Mountain Hut> Siah Sang (Amiri) Shelter> Tochal Summit.

Mt. Tochal Hiking Trekking Climbing Tour Guide
Mount Tochal Hike Trek Climb Tour Guide

Tochal Mountain Huts & Shelters
One of Mount Tochal’s best features is how easy it is for climbers to spend the night there because to the abundance of hotels, lodges, huts, shelters and resorts in the mountain. You can choose from any of these resorts for your Tochal trekking tour overnight stay according on your preferences and program.

The most well-known huts and shelters on Tochal Mountain are, in order, from east to west are Darabad shelter, Kolakchal campsite, Shervin refuge, Shirpala mountain resort, Tochal summit shelter, Amiri refuge, Osoun hotel, Tochal Godola lift 5th station resort, Tochal TeleCabin 7th station hotel, Espidkamar refuge, and Palang-Chal mountain hut. 

Shirpala Mountain Hut
On the route to Tochal Peak, 3965 masl, the Shirpala Mountain Resort is located at an elevation of 2750 meters above sea level. It features a few basic amenities including eateries, snack bars, a few private rooms, and two shared (dorm) rooms for overnight guests. keep in mind that Shirpala mountain hut gets quite packed and full on Iranian weekends (Thursday/Friday) and during Iranian holidays. At Shirpala Hut, it is hard to find accommodation and challenging to find lodging on Thursday nights. Read more about Shirpala Hut.

Amiri Shelter
In the middle of the Shirpala to Touchal route, there is a shelter called the Siah-Sang refuge or Amiri shelter. Amiri shelter (in Farsi Jan-Panah Amiri) is located at around 3,480 meters. In the early 1990s, Amiri shelter was built in memory of a climber who died there from exposure.

Tochal Summit Shelters
There are 2 small shelters on Mount Tochal’s top that goes by the name of Tochal summit shelters (in Farsi Jan-Panah Tochal). At an elevation of 3965 masl, they are situated at the top of the Tochal peak. A wonderful location for climbers who are exhausted to stop and relax after a long hike.

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Shirpala Mountain Hut Mount Tochal Trekking Tour Guide
ShirPala Mountain Hut
Mt. Tochal Hiking Tour Guide

Mount Tochal Trekking Time & Weather Forecast

What is the ideal time to climb Tochal mountain?

Tochal Summit has the advantage of being accessible year-round. But spring and fall are the greatest seasons to climb Mount Tochal. Your trekking journey will be an even richer adventure during these seasons due to the temperate and lovely weather. Winters in Tochal are frequently chilly, snowy, and windy. And a few of its pathways are vulnerable to avalanches. On the other side, people who enjoy the solitude and beauty of the mountain in winter have their own followers. If you have the necessary winter equipment and experience, trekking Tochal Mountain in the winter will be a memorable experience for you. You might also enjoy climbing Tochal in the summer. To escape the heat, start your excursion early in the morning.

There are very few days on Mount Tochal when no mountain climbers can be observed on the peak, making it virtually always acceptable for hiking. Some of the factors contributing to its popularity are its proximity to Tehran, the ease of the path, and the presence of huts and shelters. Anyone with average physical fitness can climb Tochal Peak throughout the summer, which lasts from mid-June to mid-September. The weather is typically sunny or cloudy during this time, and the days are relatively long.

Remember that Shirpala hut gets quite packed and full on Iranian weekends (Thursday/Friday) and during Iranian holidays. At Shirpala Hut, it is hard to find accommodation on Thursday nights. Read more about Shirpala Hut.

How is the Mount Tochal weather?

Weather Forecast for Mount Tochal’s. It is advised to see the weather at Tochal Peak before attempting a Tochal winter climb. This link will take you to the Mount Tochal weather forecast for the next six days. Between the middle of the fall and the middle of April, the highest parts of Mount Touchal are covered in snow. Winters in Tehran can be snowy, however after a few days of bright weather, the snow usually disappears. The same traits may be seen on the mountain’s south slopes that are lower than 2700 m. However, there are still isolated patches of snow on the highest slopes well into the summer. The southern flank of the mountain is where Tehran is located, and Mount Tochal’s summit is only a few kilometers from the center of the city.

The highest slopes of Tochal mountain, say those above 3000 meters, are heavily covered in snow from mid-autumn until mid-spring. Tehran does see snowfall throughout the winter, however it often melts away after a few days of sunny weather. The same is valid for Tochal’s south-facing slopes that are lower than 2400 meters. On the upper slopes, patches of snow persist long into early summer. Those who want to escape Tehran’s summer heat may find the sight of snow to be an open invitation. The mountain seems drab and desolate from mid-summer until early-autumn. City smog occasionally makes it quite difficult to see the mountain.

With the exception of periods of intense rain in the foothills and snow at higher elevations during the fall and spring, trekking in Tochal is generally safe. Given that they are dressed appropriately and use the typical routes, mountain climbers will successfully summit Tochal Peak. Tochal’s weather is cold and snowy in the winter and early spring, thus walking necessitates winter gear. When walking in the winter, it is important to have a trained mountain guide by your side. When trekking in Tochal during the winter, strong winds are the biggest issue because they blow snow chunks into the face, reducing visibility and the sense of actual temperature.

Mount Tochal Summit Mt. Tochal Trekking Tour Guide
Mount Tochal Summit in Winter
Mount Tochal Hiking Tour Guide

Other Spellings
Tochal (in Farsi: توچال Točāl) known as Mount Tochal, Tochal Mountain and also it is being written as: Touchal, Toochal …

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