Takhte Fereydoun Shelter

Damavand Camp – Takhte Fereydoun Camp
Takhte Fereydoun Shelter was built on the Damavand north-east route, at 4,380 m by a group of climbers from the University of Tehran, Technical College in 1976. The Takht-e Fereydoon refuge can accommodate 20-25 climbers, and tents can be erected all around it. In summer season, the climbers’ water supply comes from a little spring (water from the snowmelt) on the shelter’s northern side. It has two floors. The trail up to the summit is filled with rocks, snow and ice.

Takhte Fereydoun Shelter Mount Damavand North-East Route lat: 35.9665°, lon: 52.1341°, alt: 4,380 m
Takhte Fereydoun Shelter
Mount Damavand North-East Route
lat: 35.9665°, lon: 52.1341°, alt: 4,380 m

Damavand Northeast Attraction
The natural beauty of the northeast face is well known. It has abundant vegetation and water supplies. Additionally, it is harder to reach than other faces of Mount Damavand, additionally, the fact that it is protected from hunters has made a safe haven for endangered animals. These factors added up to create a virgin land on the northern face.

Takhte Fereydoun Shelter Campsite Cnstarction in 1976
Takhte Fereydoun Shelter
Mount Damavand North-East Route Ridgeline
Campsite Cnstarction in 1976

Takht Fereydon Shelter
This structure’s components are all composed of stone and a metal roof. The majority of the eastern trail has a distinct foot print (Pakub) after going through the Gardaneh-Sar and the starting point of the northeast ridge, and it takes around 6 hours to climb to Takhte Fereydoon shelter (lat: 35.9665°, lon: 52.1341°). There are two locations along the path where you can utilize the water from the snowmelt, although it is best to avoid doing so if you are not accustomed to drinking water from snow. Visit also Damavand Camp.

On the slope leading to Takht Fereydun shelter, 100 meters away, is the last location where water can be retrieved from the glaciers. On the edge of the Yakhar glacier, is the Takht Fereydon shelter, which has room for 25 people. A tent can be set up in the vicinity of the shelter. At this location, the air pressure is about 535 mm Hg.

Takhte Fereydoun Shelter & Campsite Mount Damavand North-East Route
Takhte Fereydoun Shelter & Campsite Location
Mount Damavand North-East Route

After arriving at the shelter, it is best to take a little break, leave your stuff there, and continue on the trail to Yakhar ridge. Once there, you should reach a height of about 4800 meters and stop there for an hour to allow your body to adjust to the altitude. Discover the shelter, then go back there to eat a light dinner and get ready for the climb tomorrow. It will save you time if you pack and prepare your one-day bag-pack (attacking bag pack) the night before climbing Damavand.

Takhte Fereydoun Shelter Location Mount Damavand North-East Route
Takhte Fereydoun Shelter Location
Mount Damavand North-East Route

Fereydon Takht Camp
Fereydoun Takht or Takht Fereydoun, a good site to camp and spend the night is here. The Takht Fereydoun region contains both water (snowfall) and wind protection on the refuge’s ridge; nevertheless, to reach Damavand summit in the morning, one must climb a strenuous slope for an hour. At a height of 4388 meters, the Takht Fereydoun shelter can house up to 20-25 people.

Geographical Coordinates
Nandal Village
Lat: 36.0303°
Lon: 52.1740°
Alt: 2,350 m

lat: 35.9951°
lon: 52.1553°
alt: 2,920 m

Takhte Fereydoun Shelter
Lat: 35.9665°
Lon: 52.1341°
Alt: 4,380 m

Takhte Fereydoun Camp Mount Damavand North-East Route
Takhte Fereydoun Camp
Mount Damavand North-East Route

Takht-e Fereydoun Shelter History
Source: The project of constructing Takhte Fereydoun Shelter
In December 1974, Hadi Mostofi and two other mountaineers, all of whom were climbers and students at Tehran University’s technical department, were engaged in a procurement program that included the identification and labeling of the Mount Damavand North Ridgeline Route. They succeeded in ascending Damavand Peak.

Hadi Mostofi, however, slipped and fell several hundred meters down a steep and icy slope after reaching the summit in the eastern “Dubai Sel” Takht Fereydoun, and next to the glacier. At an elevation of about 5000 meters in the “Dubai Cell” glacier, his lifeless body stopped in the middle of the glacier. Siros Rizvan Ghah-Farokhi, a 1975 newcomer enrolled in one of the technical faculty’s climbing courses, also perished in a June 1976 fall from the glacier’s cliff.

To allow winter climb of Damavand peak and to preserve the remembrance of these two mountain tragedies. On the same ascending path, the climbing room staff at the technical faculty opted to construct a shelter. Beginning with the first summer of the same year, planning, purchasing, and coordination for the shelter’s construction as well as executive operations got underway at the same time as the colleges’ first summer break.

Built at a height of 4400 meters in a location known as Takht Fereydon, this structure is on a flat area protected by rocks and was constructed as a rest and overnight lodging for climbers who desire to climb Damavand through the northeast ridge. In roughly two months in the city groups (procurement and construction) and the mountain group, more than 200 climbers from the technical faculty, other faculties at Tehran University, and other universities organized the construction of the shelter, which was then put into use in mid-September 1976 in honor of Hadi Mostofi and Syros Rizvan.

Bargah Sevom Shelter is the name of the first Damavand shelter, which was constructed many years ago on the southern path for climbing Damavand Peak. The southern ridge offers the quickest and shortest path to the summit, however winter climbs are extremely risky due to winter avalanches in several areas of the south route.

Thus, relatively few winter ascents of Damavand Peak were made through the south face during that time. As a result, it was required to construct a shelter along a route that would be acceptable for a winter ascent. As a result, numerous climbers were able to ascend Damavand mountain throughout the winter. The northeast ridge that begins from Gazaneh or Nandal villages is the most effective route for winter ascents of Damavand. The finest site to set up camp and recuperate before the final climb is Takht Fereydon. The ascent of “Menar” continues the entire way along the ridge and after passing by the “Gosfand Sera”.

Nandal Village & GardanehSar Locations Damavand Mountain North-East Route Map
Nandal Village & GardanehSar Locations
Damavand Mountain North-East Route Map

Other names and spelling of Takhte Fereydoun Shelter
Takht-e Fereydon refuge, Takhte Fereydoon camp, Takht Fereydoun campsite, Janpanah Takhte Fereydoun
in Farsi: پناهگاه تخت فریدون, جانپناه تخت فریدون

GardanehSar Locations Damavand Mountain North-East Route Map
GardanehSar Locations
Damavand Mountain North-East Route Map

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