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Damavand Camp – Rineh Camp
Mount Damavand 1st Campsite Rineh camp
Rineh camp is the first mountaineering resort and the oldest mountain hut built for trekking Damavand, Iran. Reineh hut is situated in the Larijan district’s Reyneh Town. Rineh lodge was originally constructed in 1939 and rebuilt in 1969.  

Mount Damavand Camp 1 Rineh Hut Damavand Hike Trek Climb Ski Tour Guide
Mount Damavand Camp 1 Rineh Hut
Damavand Hike Trek Climb Ski Tour Guide

Since that time, Damavand Camp Reineh shelter has supported may mountaineering teams, hiking groups and individual climbers. Before the Polour camp was built in 2004, this modest, old camp served as climbers’ primary destination for hiking Damavand. Recent years have seen a sharp decline in climbers’ favoring Reineh refuge. You may use Rineh mountain resort if you’re coming from the northern Iranian provinces of Gilan and Mazandaran. However, if you’re coming from Tehran, you can use the Camp 1 Polour Hut, which is a shortcut route to Damavand south and the west sides.

Mount Damavand Camp 1 Rineh Resort Damavand Hike Trek Climb Ski Tour Guide
Mount Damavand Camp 1 Rineh Resort
Damavand Hike Trek Climb Ski Tour Guide

Accommodation in Rineh Hut
There is an ordinary hostel with a public dorm and private rooms with bunk beds (two stage beds), toilet (outside), hot water, shower, kitchen and cooking gears.

Advantages of Rineh Mountain Resort
– Access route to the Damavand south front from north of Iran, ie Mazandaran and Gilan province.
– Ordinary hostel for accommodation and acclimatization.
– Dorm (shared room) with bunk beds for big teams and individuals
– Private room for small teams.
– A private suite.
– Dining room.
– Cooking equipment and kitchen.
– Central heating.
– Wifi, Telephone line and electricity.
– Water taps, cold & hot, shower and public lavatory.
– Two mobile networks available in the area.

Disadvantages of Reineh Lodge
– Longer distance from Tehran compared to Polour Resort.
– This small hut has little facilities in the crowded trekking season.
– This old camp need some major reconstruction.

Important Reminder
Please be aware that it is not advised to stay in any unidentified places in the cities, villages, or open areas close to the mountain. The Iran Mountain Federation Campsites are the ideal resorts for climber to rest for overnight.

Altitude: 2050 m
Latitude: 35.881672°
Longitude: 52.166184°

Quick Facts about Reineh Hut
Distance from Tehran: about 100 Km by road, 2 h to 3 h drive by car.
Distance to Damavand Camp 1 Polour 18 Km, 25 min drive by car.
Distance to Damavand Camp 2 Base Camp – Gosfandsara: 50 min by off-road car (approx. 7 Km asphalt road + 7 Km dirt road).

Damavand Camp 1 Rineh Dorm Damavand Hike Trek Climb Ski Tour Guide
Damavand Camp 1 Rineh Dorm
Damavand Hike Trek Climb Ski Tour Guide

Alternate Names and spellings of Rineh
Reineh City, Reyneh Town, In Persian رینه، شهر رینه
Rineh, Rayneh, Reneh, Rehneh. (pronounce ray ne).
(sometimes spelled Rneh and Rineh)

Directions to Reyneh Town
If you want to travel from Tehran to Reineh, you have two options; You may head to Polour camp in Polour Village and then to Rineh town, or go directly to Reineh by continuing the Haraz Road. The first option is a shorter route.

How to go to Reineh & Ab-e Garm Larijan Spa
On the Haraz road if you travel 80 kilometers from Amol to Tehran, after Gaznak, is where you’ll find Reine. Larijan hot spa is very close to Reineh city. A-be Garm Larijan Hot Thermal Spring is only 5 km from from Rineh City by Asphalt Road (Larijan SPA).

Tehran city > Haraz Road > Polour village > Polour Camp > Polour to Reineh Road > Reineh Town> Reineh Camp

Tehran city > Haraz Road > Pol e Moon Junction (Akbar Jojeh) > Reineh Town > Reineh Camp

Via taxi
From the airport or any hotel in Tehran, you can hire a cab to transport you to Reyneh Town. Keep in mind that most cab drivers are unaware of the precise location of this Reineh camping site.

By Bus
There is no direct bus to this town; instead, take a taxi to Terminal Shargh in Tehranpars  area, a bus terminal in the eastern part of Tehran, where you can get a bus that will take you nearby. From there, get off at Pol e Moon Junction and take a local taxi to Reyneh Town.

Tehran to Damavand Camp 1 Rineh Road Map Mount Damavand Hike Trek Climb Ski Tour Guide
Tehran to Damavand Camp 1 Rineh Road Map
Mount Damavand Hike Trek Climb Ski Tour Guide

Reineh Town
Rineh is a beautiful small city located on the south slopes of of Damavand in Mazandaran province, Iran. It is the capital of the Larijan district of Amol County.

The city that is nearest to Mount Damavand is Reyneh. In the past, Verne was the name of the city of Rineh. Climbers travelling from north of Iran cross the Reineh road in order to access Mount Damavand’s south ridge. One of the nicest views of Damavand is Poppies grassland.

The first and oldest mountaineering resort created for hiking Damavand Iran is called Rineh Hut, and it is situated in Rineh. At a height of 2050 meters. Rineh camp is located on Mount Damavand’s southern trail in Rineh city.

The inhabitants of Rineh are of the Tabari ethnic group and speak Mazandarani (Mazani). Apples, cherries, walnuts, apricots, golden plums, hazelnuts, pears, etc. are some of Rineh’s most significant agricultural products.

Damavand Camp Mount Damavand Hike Trek Climb Ski Tour Camp
Mount Damavand Iran Camp

Ab-e Garm Larijan Spa
Among the most notable and beautiful attractions of Rineh are Larijan SPA thermal spring and Dasht-e Laleh (poppy field). Hot spa is very close to Reineh city.

Ab-e Garm Larijan (Persian: اب گرم, also Āb-e Garm) is a village in Bala Larijan, Larijan District, Amol County, Mazandaran Province, Iran. Larijan spa (Ab-e Garm Larijan) and Poppies field are scenic and interesting around Reineh. By asphalt road, Rineh city is only 5-6 km distant from A-be Garm Larijan hot thermal spring (Larijan SPA).

Tehran to Mount Damavand Road Map Mount Damavand Hike Trek Climb Ski Tour Guide
Tehran to Mount Damavand Road Map
Mount Damavand Hike Trek Climb Ski Tour Guide

FAQ about Reinh & Rineh Lodge
Where is Rineh camp?
In terms of location, Rineh Mountaineering Camp (guest house) is close to the Damavand volcano, making it a good option for climbers in this region. It is situated in Rineh City. Near Haraz Road. You’ll find a lovely, clean atmosphere around Mt. Damavand.

What facilities are available in Rineh mountain hut?
Rineh camp offers services to guests on a regular basis. The facilities of Rineh Camp include a bathroom, a kitchen, sleeping and resting rooms, a rock climbing wall, and educational opportunities.

How far are Rineh and Larijan Spa by vehicle from Tehran and Amol?
The travel time by car from Tehran’s East Terminal, called Terminal Sharq in Tehranpars area to Reine is roughly two hours. There are 100 kilometres in this route. Amol Bus Terminal and Rineh City are roughly an hour and a half’s drive apart by automobile. There are 80 kilometres in this route. Only 5.5 kilometers separate Rineh city from Larijan Spa Village.

What is Reine & Larijan Attractions for Tourists?
The Rineh Larijan Spa’s tourist attractions. The mineral and sulfurous hot springs of Larijan SPA are well-known. There are additional tourist attractions in this city besides this spring, which is good for water therapy. Since Rineh is the settlement nearest to Damavand Peak, it makes for one of the most alluring views of this Peak. Of course, Damavand’s entertainment options have contributed to its popularity as a travel destination near Tehran. We might include Reine’s support, the anemone field at the base of Damavand Mountain, the stone tomb of Kafir Kelli, and Imamzadeh of Mohammad Taher as some of Reine’s other attractions.

What are the Reine’s souvenirs & mementos?
Following, we’ll discuss Reine’s mementos and attractions and look at how to get there. Stay with us. Reine has a lengthy history, and some of the mementos from this past can be found today. Pottery and pottery-related handicrafts, traditional wooden items, raw thyme honey, regional bread, felt, and night tents are among the most well-known Rineh mementos.

Is Reine and Larijan tour a single day trip?
The time you spend in Reine & Larijan spa is often brief, with the exception of the fact that it is close to Amol, Tehran, Damavand, and many other beautiful cities. Most tourists that visit this village do so for a single day. If you go early in the morning, getting hot water will take you approximately two hours. After that, you may spend the rest of the day exploring the village and eating lunch before returning at night. There are hotels and homes available in Rineh for overnight stays, however we advise choose Amol or Damavand instead for a more comfortable stay.

How to travel to Amol city?
From Reine & Larijan In less than two hours of driving, you can get to Amol. Finally, Amol can be a fantastic choice if you decide to spend the night on your journey. Nearly two hours separate Amol from Rineh, and in Amol, you can rent various types of housing based on your needs. In Amol city, you can also view all sorts of private lodging, villas, or Amol ecotourism and reserve your favorite lodging based on the number of travelers and the time of their travel.

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